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I haven't been for a walk for ages. And I am not only talking about a photo walk and a post to go with it, for the #wednesdaywalk challenge, hosted by @tattoodjay but for any walk at all. November and December are dedicated to the olives harvest, a work so physically demanding that leaves me with no energy for walks or any other activities whatsoever! But yesterday it was a day off and since I was at the nearby town of Agios Nikolaos, I didn't miss the opportunity to walk along the marina and take a few pictures :)


December has been ridiculously hot so far, with temperatures up to 25 °C (77 °F) but a couple of days ago things got a little cooler. Not too much, something like 15 °C (59 °F) in the noon, which is still too much for winter, even in Greece, but at least it feels a little more normal. If I was on vacations, I would probably didn't complain about the weather but harvesting olives under a hot, shinning sun is not fun at all! Anyway yesterday was a bit winterish, without been completely gloomy. And when it comes to photography, I am particularly fond of the combination of clouds and sun!




Agios Nikolaos is a very touristic town but in the winter is very quiet. I was practically alone during my walk, as most of those sailboats, that will have to wait till spring to travel again!





The only signs of recent activity are from the fishing boats that occupy a small part of the marina. I always like seeing them. Their colourful and unsophisticated structure gives me a comforting feeling!





This was only a few minutes walk but I had missed it so much to just wander and take pictures, that I enjoyed it as if it was an epic hike! And of course sharing the pictures and my news with all of you completed my joy :)





All the pictures and the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

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It always evokes lust every time I see the port's trinkets.
It was like a sailor who had not seen a girl in a very long time.

Your photos are very cool, Buddy!

Thank you very much @justbabybee, I am glad you like them :)

How lovely to have a brief meeting moment of peace doing what you love xxx Happy Christmas to you and dear @traisto ❤️

Thank you very much @riverflows from both of us!
We have finally completed the harvest and maybe now I can answer to my messages in a more reasonable amount of time :)
Best wishes for the new year!

Yay, and enjoy your rest!!! Happy New year! Love you guys xxx

A little piece of paradise.

Thank you Adrian for stopping by and sorry for the late reply. I am usually more consistent but it was a hard period!
Best wishes for the year to come :)

That's so much different than the gloomy winter weather we have here. Really nice! And I love the fire hydrants. I will admit, I am infatuated with them.

Quite different indeed! I like the fire hydrants too but I never expected so much enthusiasm about them :)
Best wishes for the new year
(and I am sorry for the ridiculously late respond)

Wow very nice view and has a Good weather. Thank you for sharing this @fotostef. Keep safe always😊

Thank you for stopping by @simplechalyns :)

Your welcome @fotostef. Have a happy holidays🥰

Really beautiful photos along the marna, i loved the colors and the framing!

Thank you for stopping by @malos10 :)

Very beautiful place for enjoying

Thank you for stopping by @roky :)

The water looks calm. Perfect time to sail.

Thank you for stopping by @shula14 :)

You are a dedicated Olive Man! I am a dedicated Olive Lover! I want to make them a food group. :)

Gorgeous shots. My weakness is the water, more specifically, boats and marinas. I grew up on the water, but, they also photograph wonderfully.

Wonderful clouds, views of the mountains, and perspective! Sorry, I don't get here more often. I admire so much your photography!

A warm and wonderful holiday to you!

Haha an Olive Man! I like this one, maybe I'll use it :)
Thank you very much @dswigle! You haven't miss much, I was quite absent the last couple of months but I intend to be more active here from now on.
Best wishes for the new year!

What a peaceful place it is @fotostef. The calm sea added beauty to the photos you captured perfectly. Such a splendid place and lovely to visit. Stay safe and God bless.

Thank you very much @amoreyl :)
I am glad you enjoyed it!

You are welcome. God bless.

Nice image you have here, if you are talking about the temperature, hello friend the temperature is every where including my country, the high temperature of cold 🥶 in my country is something so terrible.. Merry Christmas

Thank you for stopping by @jeremiah25 :)
Best wishes for the new year!

Sorry I missed seeing this such a beautiful area for a walk

I to havent been out for as many walks as I usually do the last few weeks but hoping to start the new year getting out for at least one or two walks a week

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, I always love seeing all the walks shared from around the world, its like a virtual world tour

Thank you very much @tattoodjay for stopping by and for the tip too :)
No need to say you are sorry, I can barely keep up with my replies myself. I hope though that the new year will be more about walking in beautiful places and taking pictures for hive :)

Most welcome
and yes lets hope the New year is a good one for us all

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