Wednesday Walk - Sun, Sea and Seals!

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While I am holidaying in Norfolk, for my #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay, we went for a walk to find out where a herd of seals were hanging out that we'd heard about.

We'd only spotted the odd seal bobbing up and down in the sea while we were at the camp site. This area is known for having seals so we went a walk further down the beach.

As we climbed up the cliffside, we could hear a barking noise and looking down, we saw a massive herd of seals. They hadn't been too far from us after all.

Not too many know about this part of the beach so the seals are left alone. It also helps that there is no car park. The seals definitely know about the beach as there were loads of them basking in the sun.

The seals seamed to be very intrigued as they popped up out of the sea to have a look at us.

I don’t think the pooch quite understood what the seals were. Sea dogs, perhaps?


Wow that really is a big bunch of seals. I've seen a few seal colonies before on the north and west coasts, but nowhere near as many as that - thats really cool !

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Thank you @hoosie. I must admit I wasn’t expecting as many as this.

Simply scintillating

Sorry best I could come up with for S words to go with sun sea and seals

what an awesome walk and WOW i never expected to see so may seals

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

I only went out for a newspaper. 😅

Isnt it funny how sometimes we got out with a plan on what to get photos of and it doesnt turn out to be, but then go out for something else, like in your case to get a newspaper and see something amazing

Have a Terrific Thursday :)

Thank you!

Aaww how cute are they to see @ellenripley 😎 it must have been so fun and hearing them too.
Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your day further 👋🏻☀️It was fun to go along.

Thank you @littlebee4. It was definitely a nice surprise.

You are welcome @ellenripley 😁

Man that's alot of seals , you might say a school of seals.

Or a s**t load of seals!

Dogs of the sea! Aren't they just adorable???? I was surfnig when some dolphins came by yeaterday, pretty cool..

And you didn’t take a photo?? 😀 I think I would have fallen off the surf board if that happened to me.

Hahah I don't bring a camera into the water with me!!!!

Wow, I haven't seen this sea seals before, haven't heard the name before too, adventure is really a nice thing.

We weren't expecting that many! 😄

Never seen a seal ever…….

I don't see many either.

How come?