A Wednesday walk at Burgau Beach - Portugal

After spending the summer at home in Germany I´m finally back to Portugal since almost 1 month now. The weather is perfect like always this time of the year and tourists slowly starting to go back home which means that the beaches are not crowded anymore.

Yesterday after finishing our daily work we drove to a small town called Burgau to have a short beach walk. What should I say, the Algarve and its beaches are still magical and one is more beautiful than the other.


It´s a rather small beach so you can easily walk it up and down and explore the whole beach. The beaches on the east coast of the Algarve are a bit different like on the west coast and I find them beautiful but not as spectacular as the west where you can walk for kilometers and discover all kind of different things.

Down here you will mostly find golden sand paired with crystal clear water and the typical sandstone cliffs.




As I already said last year in some of my posts, don´t get fooled by the colour of that water that looks so inviting, as it is already pretty cold. It say 19-20 degree but when I go surfing I´m already wearing a wetsuit. During winter it goes as low as 15 degree.

Luckily there is some other stuff you can do on a beach like Burgau. For example have a drink in the beautiful beach restaurant or in one of the bars at the top.




At the top of the beach, at the car park they have these weird stuffed animals sitting on a bench pretending they are fishing or something. They even have a rotten fish and octopus hanging on the rods that already smell. Pretty strange and funny at the same time but I would prefer to sit on that bench and enjoy the view.



It was a nice 1 hour beachwalk and perfect to get away from the laptop. That is why we love it so much down here. There is always something new to discover. I really hope that I can have some nice surf sessions on that beach since I´ve never surfed that one before.

If you check out one of my older posts you can see how it looks in winter when waves coming in.


Definitely looking forward to once again spend the european winter here on the Algarve in Portugal.

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What beautiful pictures you have taken of that amazing beach! To be so sunny it has quite cold water, but it is a spectacle to observe its beautiful color, a work of art.

Wonderful walk, I really enjoyed it. 😀🙌🙏👊💯

Thanks so much for your comment! 🙏

Ooohhh, so beautiful pics 🥺😍 I would like to be there!

Thank you so much. Its beautiful here and I´m happy to be here.

Buenas fotos, se ve muy hermosa la playa, saludos

thank you! Have a great day

What a lovely beach! reading and seeing this picture makes me miss the beach and want to go to one.

Thank you. I know, it looks absolutely amazing. I could not live without a beach :). Hope you see one soon

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thanks so much @ackhoo, really appreciate it

esa agua cristalina muy linda

I agree, the water looks absolutely beautiful. :)

Come to Ghana..our water bodies have been destroyed by small scale miners..I’m always happy to see places like this

I´m traveling a lot, so who knows, one day I might come to Ghana as well :)

That would be great

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A great place to have some dose of vitamin sea 🌊. Hays, I miss going to these kinds of places to unwind and relax. Great shots, btw!



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