You Are Alive - Weekly Payouts To Delegators #13

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Authored by @flaxz

Welcome to our weekly payouts to delegators, we reward Hive Power delegators with ALIVE tokens earned on @aliveandthriving each Friday, enjoy!

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You Are Alive

The @youarealive account needs a lot of Resource Credits to operate our !ALIVE tipping bot, as well as doing the daily payouts of 0.43 BRO and 5 PGM tokens to ALIVE stakeholders, which now counts above 2600 accounts.

To facilitate this need for Hive Power we are therefore rewarding Hive Power delegators with ALIVE tokens that we earn on @aliveandthriving each week, and @youarealive is also following the curation trail of @aliveandthriving to give Hive upvotes on the content which that manual curation project is upvoting.

The @aliveandthriving account is staking most tribe tokens, but a few others that it earns are traded for ALIVE, and the liquid Hive earned is also used to buy ALIVE with, in addition to the ALIVE that it earns in Curation and Author rewards.

Of these earnings 10% is staked to grow the Alive Power of the account, and the rest is then included in our weekly payouts to delegators.

Weekly Payouts To Delegators #13

Here is the weekly payouts for this week, it is based on average weekly delegation of Hive Power and counted from Friday to Thursday (we take a snapshot each day), and you can also get the full data from our spreadsheet on Google Drive.

Screenshot from Google Drive

Screenshot from Google Drive

To delegate to us just go to your wallet in PeakD, and delegate 1 Hive Power or more to @youarealive.

Delegation APR

The delegation APR for this payout is 11.76% based on Highest Bid, and 12.77% based on Lowest Ask.

Screenshot from Google Drive

Tipping Bot Level Boost

To further encourage Hive Power delegations we are working on our tipping bot to deliver a level boost if delegating 100 HP or more, this is not ready yet however, and will take some time to implement, further details will follow ahead.

Thank You!

So this week @bombus delegated 10 HP, and @tjnew14 delegated 1 HP for part of the week, thank you very much.

Also note that APR varies a bit from one week to the next, the price of our ALIVE token and how much we are earning of it are all factors to consider, this week was higher based on Highest Bid and lower based on Lowest Ask.

Thanks a lot to all our delegators for your awesome support, it is much appreciated.

Mention all delegators.


Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and ...

Stay safe, awesome and alive.

Team Alive

Written by @flaxz

This is all my own personal opinion, make your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

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Thank you very much.

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Long live the !ALIVE project!

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Thank you very much Benjamin.

Excited for this project!!!!

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Great to hear.

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Thanks a lot Steve, and for your great support.

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Great job everyone awesome project have the best day😎

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Thanks a lot Ben, and for your great support.

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You are most welcome @youarealive
Have the best day !ALIVE !CTP !LUV 😎

Thanks again for the payouts, and the great work you always do.
Have a great week end and stay !ALIVE

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Thanks a lot man, it is great to have your support.

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Wow the ALIVE tipping bot is a year old.

))) Ah ah happy bot birthday 😊👍

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Thank you very much, time flies fast.

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