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RE: Sharing The Hive Gospel

in Hive Marketing5 months ago

Have you thought about what the Hive ecosystem would look like if influential people from the business, music, entertainment, and finance sectors start to pay attention to Hive?

First, we need to ask what is needed for that. Hive probably needs more good developers, and more dApps and games. Then a good marketing (not the "register and start earning money", because that sounds like a scam in the eyes of the crowd).

It is capable of quickly raising Hive's value exponentially.

A part of that value is already given. Another part of it needs to be provided by the developers. Then the people need to discover it.


Thanks a lot, Yes, there is still work to be done, but even with what has been accomplished thus far, I'm confident we have a great innovation to talk about; how powerful Hive is. People must be aware of developments that have already . People need to be aware of developments that have already occurred. I think we'll see more advancements in the future than we have so far.