Introducing PlanktonSupport : A initiative for helping new Hivers gain a foothold

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Hello Hivers, I'd like to introduce to you our latest creation “PlanktonSupport”. When new people (plankton) show up on Hive, post something, gain almost no engagement, and get locked in RC jail, they quit. PlanktonSupport is here to help these new Hivers.

This initiative is born out of the Hive Marketing community. A group of passionate volunteers and builders who debate about how to best attract and onboard new users to the Hive community. If you’re interested in this kind of thing you can join our working group Discord: A Hive referral contest in the works, spearheaded by @stellabelle.

Here is a screenshot showing the heart of what PlanktonSupport does;

What does Plankton Support do?

PlanktonSupport diligently scans ever block of the Hive blockchain looking for posts made by recently created accounts which haven’t posted much and don’t have much HP.

If we find quality content matching these parameters, @planktonsupport will upvote. There is a growing curation trail behind @@planktonsupport now, multiplying the weight of the upvote. PlanktonSupport will also follow the author’s account, reblog the post, and leave a comment. This is a brand new user and they probably haven’t experienced any of these social mechanics yet. So we show an example of all the types of engagement and people instantly “get it”.


Someone who has 0 HP can maybe post once per day, or make a few comments per day. They get stuck very quickly. PlanktonSupport checks the RC percentage for new accounts publishing posts. If we find someone with less than 25% RC, we help out.

Our partner, GiftGiver provides 7-day HP delegations, and enables these users to get unstuck and continue being active on Hive. After 10 days or upon request, the delegation can be renewed. This service is created and maintained by @rishi556. Anyone can use this, and it also offers a Hive faucet.


The comment left by PlanktonSupport on the post is more than just a welcoming message. It briefly explains what is going on and links to resources where folks can learn more. Currently we link to a Hive noobs post by @hivepeople and also links to in case someone wants to ask questions to the community.

Aside on if you are a heavy mobile user you can use the app and connect to It works smoothly and a better experience than using a mobile browser. is neat because it has bridges to several Hive community discord server. So, you can chat with multiple communities all in one place, after signing in with your Hive user name.

The comment also includes an awesome GIF created by one of our talented and creative Hivers: @thepeakstudio, @doze, @sidwrites, @traciyork.

Just yesterday, we also started sharing supported posts on Twitter on the @hivetrending account, to give more attention to these new users and to show the world the Hive community is thriving.

How does PlanktonSupport work?

The core of PlanktonSupport is made up of around 200 lines of python code. It relies heavily on the amazing Beem library created and maintained by @holger80. This code helps us sniff out eligible posts, and we manually review every post to avoid supporting spam and other garbage.

Here are the current configuration parameters for selecting which posts to review:

The account must be 22 days old or younger, have posted less than 5 times. The wallet must have less than around 15 HP. The post must have at least 50 words. And to be eligible for GiftGiver HP delegation, the current RC manabar must be at 25% or less.

The python code also relies on a templating library called jinja2. This makes it very easy to format markdown/HTML content for comments and posts. I would like to translate this template into several languages: español is most urgent. Please let me know if you can help translate.

This is what the Jinja template looks like:
The GIF images are randomly selected from a list of 10, created by 4 different artists.

This is what the result looks like:


PlanktonSupport just launched less than a week ago. So far we upvoted, followed, and reblogged ~43 new Hivers and made 141 comments. We’re just getting started. We have primarily focused on English-language posts and we're looking to change that. Hive is international and many languages are spoken!

Calls to Action

If you like this initiative and you’d like to support us, please consider to:

As PlanktonSupport grows we can offer support to even more users and prepare for the upcoming explosion of Hive community growth.

Before signing off, I'd like to give a shout out to @roomservice who has created the remarkable tool Thank you for the inspiration and motivation to launch PlanktonSupport.

All feedback welcome, please leave us a comment.


Everything sounds really cool @planktonsupport. All that may help newcomers engage looks great to me.
Will be following thi bto see where I can help.
From now I can offer you the Spanish translation as well as publicity on some spanish speakers communities.

I think I found the answer of my questions. I wonder why I can't comment and post a new article good that someone delegated 5HP and I was able to submit my second post.

@PlanktonSupport - Followed!

Thanks for your patience. This system is designed to limit spam and abuse, but it's not perfect.

Following your work and upvoting.
This is great for people who start on Hive.
Good luck with it.😊
I was a lucky user that got a lot of help in the beginning from a lot of people with open heart.

It's a great initiative, it's a shame the name 'plankton' just sounds a bit... derisory!

Thanks for the feedback ... I didn't think about it in that way. Just sticking with the aquatic theme ... redfish, minnow, dolphin, orca, whale.

I did actually write originally 'why not redfish' but I'm assuming the're above the level you're talking about - I've never liked the name Plankton, but it's arguably even worse than calling someone a noob, and that's bad enough!

It's still a great idea, and it does fit with the historical naming, who knows, it might motivate people to power up more quickly!

Very cool! I am going to save this and refer back to it. I have been trying to figure out a way to look for people who have created accounts and organize it into a type of feed. The parameters you posted will help tremendously in getting me there since I don't know much about coding lol

Really good initiative here!

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Should I open source the code? It's not too complicated, I just need to clean it up a bit, before publishing to GitHub.

Warning: it finds a lot of junk and a few things I wish I could unsee.

Yeah I’m sure there’s a significant amount of porn bots lol but that’s the dumpster you have to dive in to find the gems and good people who have started!

If you could post it that would be awesome!

No problem, I will make it available this weekend and let you know.

No rush, if you’ve got plans in the US for the 4th of July, don’t worry about it I won’t be doing much until Monday at this point!

This is very awesome! Such a good way to scout for new and struggling users.

Thanks for your support!

You’re welcome!

Very good initiative. You are actively promoting Hive with a good heart. Thank you!

Thanks for your support, @sidwrites!

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This is a great initiative you're doing, and glad to be a part of your trail! I love how each post is manually curated to make sure no garbage is upvoted.
This is helping a lot, and especially new people need to be feel valuable and worthy.

Thanks your your support @hivepeople!

Been there on 0HP for sometime and I can't even say Thanks to people who upvote/comment my posts before. Posting was a waiting game too, even tried to stay awake to wait for my RC to regenerate 😭😆 Really thanks to all who upvote my posts, to 3speak for delegating 15HP, GiftGiver too ❤️

Yes! I hope we are making a difference for new users facing those challenges.

I'm seeing familiar and positive names (faces) here... I have of course upvoted and reblogged. I see @drakernoise has offered to translate for you; another wonderful and positive energy on the Blockchain. This initiative is akin to our efforts at @theterminal as well as @heyhaveyamet, and I am happy to see another positive force here to help spread positive energy to new members looking to start the journey !tip

Thanks for the tip!

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Just dropping to say thanks for starting up this pretty neat initiative here. The Hive community is growing ever larger, and it's great to see that you're helping out those newcomers get a nice start in this new chapter of their lives :-D

Thank you for your support, @zacknorman97. Appreciate it!

And thank you for the incredible work. Keep at it, you beautiful bastards!