Hive water begins to serve Agona Bedomase even before completion of the project.

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hive borehole at Agona Bedomase

Even though the project is not yet done, the residents of Agona Bedomase have begun to reap the benefits of the hive borehole project. This shows how eager the locals are to acquire this potable borehole water supply. The inhabitants of this town have long waited for government authorities and others to ensure that this is done for their benefit but to no avail. After a lengthy wait, the hive ecosystem is the one to have provided them with water within two weeks, even before the whole project is completed.

Water, they say, is the source of all life. Giving or enhancing the lives of such a community entails providing water. It is difficult to appreciate water when you are not in a dry atmosphere. They really grasp what it means to be given this water, much like the pleasure that has filled the hearts of the residents of this community. We share our excitement with the people in our community.








Today, I'm writing to provide an update on the continuing hive project in Ghana. According to the ideas outlined in the project proposal, the water project is in its second stage. In practice, it has been noticed that all supplies required for the completion of this stage have been given. It primarily entails the building of pillars and walls to facilitate the proper installation of pipes and pumps for water flow.

Since the completion of the first phase of this project the drilling stage, the residents of Agona Bedomase have successfully enjoyed the water that is made available to them on a daily basis. We (@mcsamm & @collinz) have observed occasions and circumstances when the residents of Agona Bedomase continue to enjoy the flowing water whenever the borehole is opened.

We are optimistic that this project will be launched in the coming week, based on the development and completion of this stage. We anticipate that after the second stage, the final phase will begin, which will include installing the pipes and tank, tiling, and preparing for media coverage as well as refreshment to guarantee a successful event.







 photos by @mcsamm

By doing so, I'd want to offer my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has contributed to this tremendous life-changing effort in Ghana. We intend to make this project's launch much more bigger than the last one by including more media outlets in spreading the word about hive's efforts to empower communities via promotional campaigns. Thank you to @awuahbenjamin, @anaman, @nattybongo, and numerous Ghanaians who have exhibited a strong desire to see this endeavor succeed. Through promotional activities like this, we are undoubtedly establishing a better and stronger hive community in Ghana. Thanks to you all for your involvement.


Project : Construction of borehole system
Location : Agona Bedomase (Ghana, West Africa)
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


Changing lives with hive.


Terrific. It is great to receive these updates and see how this is moving ahead. A second community that will have access to water thanks to Hive.

We are changing lives.

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We applaud all hive ecosystem members for their contributions to bringing this to the real world. More victories are on the way. We are proud of the attention that hive is getting in Ghana as a result of the borehole building. By doing so, we empower several communities while also promoting hive to our local people via these initiatives. Thank you always @taskmaster4450le.

We applaud you for what you are doing.

Keep up the good work. For $4K, we should be regularly funding these. It is how Hive can truly make a huge difference.

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Perfect, we anticipate everyone to get on board and contribute ideas and strategies for reaching out to many people with hive by meeting their immediate needs. Hive has done an outstanding job in the real world by doing this project. Individuals may assist support these initiatives by upvoting and contributing on a regular basis to maintain their effectiveness. We are committed to doing more with hive to impact lives without hesitation. However, it is sad that the DHF proposal we filed did not get enough votes to support this initiative. All we need is the motivation and funding to achieve more in Ghana. Thanks to @guiltyparties who through his motivation, guidance, and directions have made this second project a success. Thank you for your interest in this, sir @taskmaster4450le. Your daily support for our growth and to this initiative is so much commendable.

Is the DHF proposal still on, if yes a link please will like to support this initiative.

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The proposal is off since it expired. Thanks for your support sir. Your contributions help make us put things up to serve people with hive.

You're welcome bro, thanks for all you are doing putting Hive out there

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Super idea and project. Your documentation is also a great addition to the Hive blockchain.

Thanks for your addition to the success of this initiative.

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Thank you very much for the support.

This is awesome, thanks for sharing such a beautiful update with us.
Please advise the guys on site for safe use of the ladder, someone should be holding onto the ladder whenever someone is on the ladder. Safety first bro.

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This really is such a great project and life changing for the people benefitting.

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Thank you.