Announcement of the 5th Hive borehole in Ghana, a tremendous improvement in people's lives.

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This fifth hive borehole project is influenced by the recently finished one in Ghana, which helped to enhance lives and popularize the hive ecosystem through Ghanaian media channels. The engagement and support of many individuals on the hive blockchain, as well as the Bremang community and the complete students who showed themselves during the launch, greatly assisted the drilling project.

My greatest gratitude goes to everyone who, through their continual counsel, support, and guidance, enabled the empowerment of communities in Ghana via the construction of a borehole system and distribution of hive branded exercise books. The hive ecosystem deserves particular mention for its role in strengthening communities via promotional activities. Below are links to the previous borehole projects we have successfully completed in Ghana that significantly empowered the benefited community.

1st hive borehole - Fawoade, Ghana
2nd hive borehole - Agona Bedomase, Ghana
3rd hive borehole - Anwomaso, Ghana
4th hive borehole - Pentecost school Bremang, Ghana

Water is essential to the survival of humans, living things, plants, and our relationship to nature. It is estimated that 60 percent of the human body is made up of various fluids, including water. According to studies, water supply has never been adequate to fulfil global demand. According to statistics, many residents in African cities lack access to adequate drinking water and sanitation. In many African developing countries, the supply of appropriate drinking water in underprivileged areas and rising cities has largely gone ignored.

As a consequence, most emerging cities in developing countries like Ghana have water shortage difficulties, and in many cases, the urban water supply system is flawed. There are towns with a population of over a thousand people and just a few public standpipes. A number of residents in Ghana have organised illegal tapings from water mains since the water authorities have not provided them with adequate water delivery services.


Fawoade borehole


Agona Bedomase borehole


Anwomaso borehole


Pentecost School, Bremang borehole

Promotion of hive ecosystem
A recent hive project in Ghana highlights the hive blockchain's prominence in such projects. Members of the communities who will benefit from this programme have seen hive as the principal sponsor of the potable drinking water given to the community through its empowerment initiative. This is accomplished by using hive plaques, logos, banners, branded books and inscriptions as a promotional tool to spread the news about the hive blockchain.

We present the hive ecosystem to global audiences as a blockchain community devoted to empowering people and transforming lives by implementing borehole projects in Ghanaian communities. The launch of the borehole water system is designed to pique the interest of most media outlets, which will publish information about the hive ecosystem in order to reach many Ghanaians and the rest of the world with hive.


Hive Fifth borehole
It is worth noting that the hive ecosystem has made enormous efforts in Ghana as a result of this project. The purpose of this announcement is to declare the construction of a fifth hive borehole in a Ghanaian village. It is pretty evident how the hive blockchain has been adopted. This hive borehole is destined to make history. We are pleased that, at the end of this borehole, we will be able to inform Ghanaians and the rest of the world about this monumental effort. This fifth and last borehole for this year is scheduled to commence on Monday 3rd October 2022 at the chosen community here in Ghana.

However, this borehole, which will not only be the fifth, may also be the last to in the year 2022. This will allow us to relax for the remainder of the year while also conducting an effective assessment and monitoring of the other four boreholes that have been built so far. It is our top goal to conduct regular visits to all of the communities who have gotten the hive borehole. The remainder of the year will allow us to make time for this and reflect on how we might improve people's lives while also fostering the hive ecosystem.




Insufficient water and sewage services for the poor may increase living costs, lower income, impair health, and make life more unpleasant, if not deadly.
In order to achieve all of this in Ghanaian communities, the hive ecosystem, which offers to sponsor and provide better lives for individuals, promotes positive awareness. It is past time for the world to realise the hive decentralised ecosystem's role in empowering communities via projects. The media attention generated by hive borehole efforts exposes the blockchain, which helps in projecting the ecosystem to investors and a huge number of people eager in joining the blockchain for a better future. We achieve the blockchain's promotional purpose via the empowerment campaign.

Details on the whole occasion will be published in the coming days to share with everyone the tremendous excitement hive has given to the Ghana villages with the provision of this borehole to supply communities with potable drinking water. I'd want to express my appreciation for this achievement with this. In fact, it is one of the greatest. Thanks to you @guiltyparties, @theycallmedan, @taskmaster4450le, @doze, @ranchorelaxo, @ocdb, @trafalgar, @resonator @acidyo, @ackza, @v4vapid, @canadian-coconut, @haejin, @blocktrades, @adetorrent, @daveks, @felixxx @bhattg @newsflash @zuerich, @lichtblick, @dswigle, @tomhall,, not to mention @ellizbeth @collinz, @anaman, @tj4real, @depressedfuckedup and @awuahbenjamin, as well as everyone who has assisted us improve our lives for Ghanaians with hive while also advertising the ecosystem


Project : Construction of borehole system
Location : Jamasi Dawu, Ghana
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz



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Hive changes lives!

Testimonies are all over Ghana.

Great news.

I wrote an article about what is happening in Ghana an hour ago.

We need to keep spreading the word.

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I'm glad how we're involving public leaders and the media in hive borehole project. The project is gaining more popularity which is improving our promotional objectives of the hive blockchain. Thanks for the support sir.

Congratulations for this achievement. Really, I am speechless. W.O.W.!

Dear @mcsamm,
May I ask you to review and support the Dev Marketing Proposal ( we presented on Conference Day 1 at HiveFest?
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Thank you!

Sure, and thanks for the alert.

Thank you for your support @mcsamm, really appreciate it! 👍

Most welcome sir.

Wow wow wow. When I thought I've seen enough, I met this. This is a great way of touching lives with Hive.

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This is so historical. Lives are really improved with hive. Thanks for passing through.

Hivemazing that you continue the project, awesome and so motivating for all of us that you encourage anyone to help others, thank you for all your hard work and improving lives!

We win together.

Regarding @chrisaiki mention of an FWT token, I have an idea:

Every time someone buys 1 FWT coin, n% of that purchase gets auto-sent to a @fwt-jamdawtt (Jamasi Dawu township Treasurer) beneficiary Hive account as well, which is out of the reach of the FWT token owner(s). Those funds that flow in could help their township with additional water projects.

Can’t wait for the fifth Borehole to start and with the idea of visiting the already built ones is surely the right way to go.

Yes, thanks bro.