Launching The Fifth Hive Water Project In Ghana In A Grand Style

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The impacts of Hive continue to spread throughout the world, with many people profiting from the incredible blockchain that is empowering Iives. Many of these impacts are currently being felt in Ghana, where the Hive ecosystem has contributed to the construction of five mechanised borehole systems that are aiding villages that were experiencing water crisis.

Jamasi Dawu, where the 5th project was built, is one of several villages in Ghana that have struggled to get access to potable water. The majority of towns within the Kumasi metropolitan region rely on the Barekese Dam for water, but those on the outskirts always face significant challenges, the water flow is erratic. Those who do not have access must rely on streams, dug wells, or buy water from vendors.



The Hive empowers communities project has been a good initiative that is demonstrating to the world how cryptocurrency may help address pressing global challenges and benefit individuals. This initiative has also helped a lot of people to know Hive's potential and become familiar with its ecosystem.

Opening Ceremomy

Yesterday was the official opening of the fifth Hive Water Project, which was capped off with an amazing occasion. The gathering took place in Jamasi Dawu Town in Kumasi-Ashanti Region Ghana. To honour the occasion, the chief, other local residents, and elders all showed there. The opening of the project had been anticipated by the people so they decided to attend in their numbers. When they realised how much the water system will help ease the community's water situation, it was a happy moment for them.


Following the opening prayer, the chief delivered a brief speech highlighting the importance of the Hive Project and how it has benefited the locals in the area. He urged the locals to continue learning and to provide their children with a good education because this endeavour could not have been accomplished without knowledge and creativity.

Additionally, he urged everyone to become familiar with Hive, and he concluded by expressing his sincere gratitude to the Hive ecosystem for the amazing water facility. This has been one of the biggest event we have had with all the Hive Borehole Project launches, and the attendance was huge at the inauguration.


Hive Presentation

A presentation by the Hive came after the chief finished speaking. Exposing Hive really forms an important aspect of the project, thus we take every chance we can to inform people about the Hive blockchain and ecosystem. People would like to learn more about Hive and what it's all about, therefore whenever we are within the community's reach, it is always a good time to provide Hive presentation and dispel any misperceptions about crypto.


With the brief opportunity we had, we introduced Hive to the vast majority of the locals present. We were pleased with the number of people who were introduced to the Hive ecosystem. The water facility was formally opened by the chief and the leaders. Following that, everyone took turns tasting the water, which was undoubtedly the most exciting part of the ceremony. There was sufficient evidence for us to see how Hive could change lives.









Completing Phase 3,Hive Promotion

Yesterday marked the end of the Hive project, which also happened to be the project's final phase. This stage is always the promotional part where we demonstrate to the world the benefits of the Hive blockchain. OgerepTv, some Kumasi radio stations, and a number of news networks all covered yesterday's events live in an effort to spread the good word about Hive throughout Ghana and the rest of the world.








With this effort, we seek to spread information about the Hive empowers communities project, which is impacting lives in various ways. We also use this phase as a way to engage a large number of Ghanaians and connect them to the Hive ecosystem.



















Every part of this effort has been successful, thanks to the Hive ecosystem's huge support. We would like to thank @valueplan, @guiltyparties, and @valueplan,@theycallmedan, @taskmaster4450, @doze, @ocdb, @resonator, @acidyo, @ackza, @v4vapid, @blocktrades, @adetorrent, @daveks, @bhattg @felixxx @newsflash @zuerich, @lichtblick, @dswigle, @tomhall, @bradleyarrow, @lichtblick, @ellizbeth , @bhattg

for all of their help. Special thanks to @Awuahbenjamon and the entire Hive ecosystem for all of your help in many ways.

Hive Empowers Communities Project

Project : Construction of borehole system

Location : Jamasi Dawu, Ghana

Sponsor : @valueplan

Project Managers : @mcsamm & @collinz


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It makes me so happy to read this post and see the difference that Hive is making in other countries. Thank you for sharing and thank you to everyone who contributed to making this event (and the other events as part of this whole project) happen. 🙏

You are welcome @consciouscat. We are delighted that others have been imoacted by Hive. We do this for the love of Hive and our community.

what a great way to make bring water development to the people of Dawu. the joy they expressed truly showed how happy they are to receive this kind of project. Great work from us all.

Seeing how happy they were because of the Hive Water facility which has come to their aid was such a great sight. It was fantastic that they learned about how Hive can also empower them to do much more if they give it the attention it deserves. I appreciate all of your tremendous efforts in helping to make the event a success.@awuahbenjamin

You are doing amazingly well with the projects you are carrying out in your locality.

Thank you @hivedeb, Hive made this achievement possible. All thanks to the Hive ecosystem for the massive support towards this endeavour.

Oooh yes, hive made it possible.

This is such a significant initiative which all hivers must be proud of. I'm grateful to you for your participation in helping to accomplish this bro. Thanks once again.

My pleasure, and thank you for all of your wonderful contributions to the project from the beginning to the end. Thank you @mcsamm

Awesome fracking sauce 😎




A great way to describe this achievement. Thanks my friend

You're welcome 😊

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This always makes me smile!

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Hive is making a great difference in the lives of many, seeing this would indeed make you smile. 😊

This makes me so happy seeing that people even outside hive can benefit from it. Keep up the good work

Thanks, we will continue the good work. Hive is a good example of how crypto can help solve real world problems.

Yes o. Setting example for others to follow

Yay! 🤗
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