Hive Water Project: Wrapping Up All Work, Project To Be Inaugurated Soon

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We are pleased to provide yet another update on the Ghana Hive Water Project's development. Since its inception, the water project has made significant development and has now reached the point where it will soon be ready for use.

The project activities began with phase one, which is the drilling and pump installation, and continued with phase two, when a significant amount of construction work was completed. The water tank was successfully installed when all of these tasks were completed.








Yesterday, the plumbing work that was essential for facilitating easy access to the underground water was also completed. The wall would be tiled to give the project a fresh look after the plumbing work was finished.

The project would only be accessible to community members following the final stage, or inauguration event, as we have always done. We are pleased with our progress to date and how far we have gone. This kind of project,to the people of Jamasi Dawu, this project would assist in resolving the water-related issues they have experienced for a long time.

They eagerly anticipate the launch, and based on our observations, we expect a sizable turnout. Most of the town dwellers had to travel some distance to get portable water and others had relied on streams as their water source.

The Hive Project, located in the town centre, would be an ideal location where the majority could have access to good drinking water. We expect exciting times as we prepare for the stage where the water facility will be turned over for community use.


Plans for the Project Launch
We have always regarded the project's launch as one of its crucial phases because it is at this time that we get the chance to expose Hive to a number of people.

Throughout this stage, we aim to include a variety of marketing strategies. Making use of the media, such as TV, radio, and news networks, has also been a very effective technique to spread awareness of Hive.

These media would be utilised on the day of the launch to spread information about Hive's impact in Ghana. To inform more people in Ghana and beyond about Hive's potential, this we believe would be a wonderful opportunity to market Hive.

We have reached this point thanks to the tremendous support of the Hive community; without them, we could not have done it. Hive is a life-changing network when you consider the number of people that would be impacted by this endeavour. We are grateful for the Hive community's massive support in every way for this endeavour.


Hive Empowers Communities Project

Project : Construction of borehole system

Location : Jamasi Dawu, Ghana

Sponsor : @valueplan

Project Managers : @mcsamm & @collinz


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Our effort is truly worth it. Thanks for this bro.

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Please understand that this borehole can easily be adapted to generate electricity

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