Hive Presentation With E-ICT Students At Achimota School, Ghana

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Our lives now revolve around technology, and we benefit from it in many different ways. As more complex technologies proliferate, more people are required to become technologically literate in order to work in a variety of fields where their skills are needed.The adoption of blockchain technology has increased the demand for developers, and this is now making many universities and colleges to offer blockchain developer courses.

Over time, those who have lagged behind in technology would find it challenging to survive in our world, where technology is inescapable.With my job as an ICT teacher, It has become expedient that I learn about new technologies and share them with the students I teach at the Achimota School.




The blockchain technology has been one that has pique my attention and I have shared with a lot of people. Recently I had Hive presentation with the Elective-ICT students of Achimota School. The presentation followed the main lesson which was on programming.

After guiding them through the fundamentals of programming and emphasising the high demand for developers and programmers, they were eager to take their programming lessons seriously. They were also curious to know more about the Hive blockchain and the various opportunities when I cited it as an example of the blockchain technology.



Most of them were already acquainted with the Hive blockchain and ecosystem after being led through a thirty minute presentation. They seemed prepared to set out on their adventure in the Hive world, I could tell. As students who had been introduced to a new concept, I expected to be asked more questions to which I was prepared to respond.

I was especially pleased with their eagerness to learn more about blockchain technology and the Hive ecosystem. They had all of their questions answered, and they also understood what Hive was all about and how it differed from the other blockchains I mentioned.





Even though the majority of them chose to sign up, there were some limitations, such as students' inability to use their own computing devices or access the computer lab at school after lessons, so I had planned on meeting with them online while they are on vacation so I could continue tutoring them and assist those who wanted to sign up for Hive.





The presentation ended with the distribution of Hive-branded books to all students who attended the presentation in the computer lab. They were overjoyed to have received copies of these books, which contained all of the necessary information to help anyone get started on Hive. This is just one of the many ways to spread awareness of Hive, and I think people would find Hive ecosystem to be a better place if they realised how important it is to utilise technology and find productive uses for their time, money, attention, and skills.


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That's a great initiative. The young folks can add so much to the platform side by side they can earn something.
I wish you all the best for the future journey.

That's what I aspire to—a future in which Hive is brimming with young, talented people who would contribute and add value. Thank you for your kind words. @rem-steem

That's the spirit we need 🙂

The work you and your team is doing in Ghana is amazing, helping all to understand what technology is and how to use it in day to day life. Keep the ball rolling.

Thanks for your kind words. Good to see you on Hive. You are welcome @ijelady

I am happy to see you too. Hope to learn how hive works from you as I read more of your post.

Alright, you may find other useful information to help you get started well from the communities you will join here on Hive

You are right. Thank you so so much.

You are welcome

Wow. What an amazing movement.

Thank you, it's all about making a difference with Hive

This is awesome my brother. I feel like coming over to Ghana to Join the good work.
More grace.

Wow this is really massive from you bro…I’m very happy for inculcating hive to the student.

Yes, let's continue making impacts with Hive.. #hiveghana