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There's many forms of love, the love of one's child, parents, a partner or extended family, or friend; the word is applied to so many other things though and I wonder if that diminishes its meaning somewhat?

I love French pastries and coffee, time spent curled on my couch with a book and pot of tea. I love slipping my naked body in between fresh bedsheets and the feeling of warmth as I entangle myself with my partner. I love sunsets, the way they draw a day to a close, allow me to reset and think forward to the next. I love boots, oh, how I love boots, and I love how I feel knowing I have a sexy little set on beneath my clothes...and the way my man looks at me when I undress. All things or feelings I love, but love means so much more than that and, I wonder, are they really loves or likes?

When I think about love, I instantly think about my man, the few other people I truly love in this world like my mother, and I think about loving myself, something that has taken me upon many journeys to find.


I took this image

My boy and I spend a lot of time with nature and for me it's synonymous with love, a lovely place to love. Gardens and parks, sunshine on my body, birdsong and trees, the forest and mountains, the sound that swaying grasses makes as it caresses it's neighbors. I love rain, the sound of it and the way it feels upon my skin and flowers are special to me, like they are love brought to life. I love flowers so very much.

Mostly when I think of love it's about what I feel for that guy of mine who infuses me with love in a way I can't really describe. It seeps in and reaches every part of me, heart, mind and soul, in such beautiful ways and I feel flushed with it yet crave more; just a little more, and them some more again. It's a beautiful feeling.

We can't touch love, although we can be touched by it, hold it to us and pass it to others.

We can be captured by it, possessed almost, and we can give ourselves over to it willingly, that surrender is such a splendid moment. I think its touch is felt more deeply than a physical touch could be, although the power of a physical touch between two people who feel love for each other is incredible, profound and deeply felt. It's that intertwining of the love two people feel for each others that is so beautiful to me and I'm lucky to have that with my man.

I love touching flowers; it's like they talk to me through their petals and scent and I love love, the feeling and touch of it...Love makes me feel like my life is a beautiful garden that I reside in, nurture and tend and share with another, my man, who cares for it as much as I do.

Becca 💗


I adore Your words, they pervade and enter within.

Love is important in life, for me it is fundamental; they know people who resist them and I really don't know how they do it.

I totally let myself go to love; the word you use "care" is beautiful because you have to take care of love like you do with a beautiful flower.

Your man is a lucky person to have you and you are lucky to have him, there is nothing more beautiful; fill and complete.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful thoughts🤗

Thank you, it's lovely of you to say so and I'm glade they touch you in some small way.

I think we should all care for the things we hold dear and love is one of the most precious we have; you believe the same way I think.

Becca 🌷

We see and believe in love and its ways in the same way.

I'm happy for this, knowing that there are people who see it like you gives hope to this world.

This is just so beautiful Becca, your words always are. You have found the essence of life and know how to live it fully - something that few people do these days. Soak it up and revel in it. It's rare.

Thank you Emma, I have read your words and also feel you're a girl in touch with herself and that bodes well.

We shall both revel I think.

Becca 💗

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and I loved how you describe this love. <3