Smart Financial Strategies for Purchasing High-Quality Footwear: A Personal Experience

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I recently acquired a NIKE shoe as a gift from a friend for the cost of $20. I hadn't initially planned to buy this shoe for my birthday, but it ended up working out that way. To make it easier on my finances, I paid for the shoe in parts, giving $5 every week to the seller until I had paid in full. This made it so that I didn't feel like a large chunk of money was leaving my pocket.


This is my first NIKE shoe and only the second time I have spent as much as $20 on a shoe. It was a significant amount for me, as I am used to buying shoes that are around $10 or less. However, the quality of this shoe is worth the extra cost.


The first NIKE shoe I bought was too big for my feet and I had to give it away. It was a painful experience as I felt like I had lost $20. I should have gone to the market myself to buy the shoe, but I chose to order online instead. I am someone who prefers the comfort of online shopping, which is why most of the things I own and have bought with my money were purchased online.

I decided to get another shoe because I felt I needed a change in the quality of my footwear, and I didn't own a black sneaker. To ensure a perfect fit, I specified my shoe size as 42 when I placed my order.


The striking image of this shoe was captured by my brother, @olujay, using nothing but a mobile phone. I knew he was a master of phone photography, so I entrusted him with the task of showcasing the shoe's true magic.


As for my future footwear plans, I intend to purchase a new pair of shoes every month. To make the cost more manageable, I'll divide the price of the shoes into four and pay the seller a quarter of the cost each week. For example, if I were to buy a $40 pair of shoes, which is unlikely as I don't think I am willing to buy a shoe that expensive, I would pay the seller $10 each week. This way, I won't feel the full impact of the expense.

I won't receive the shoes until the payment is complete, but the seller has gained my trust. When I went to collect this shoe from her, she even offered me another one, asking me to pay the same way, but this time, I would be able to take the shoe home immediately. It was a tempting offer, as I liked the other shoe she presented to me, but I had to resist the temptation as it wasn't part of my plans.

I told her that I would buy the shoe from her but only after I had paid for it. However, I won't start paying until next month to avoid putting too much financial pressure on myself. I have other important expenses to consider, such as school projects, rent, and more. So, I didn't feel it was a wise decision to take on that additional expense at this time.


Today I am a year older and would be wearing this shoe into my Exam hall today looking like this. I have two 3 Unit course Exams to write and hope they all go well at the end of the day. Happy Birthday to me!!!


Designed by @ grisvisa

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 2 months ago  

The shoe is nice and I can see the quality it has just from the creative shots from @olujay, well done sir, your girl loyal 🙌. I love the idea of paying little by little and see now it's all yours and you did not even feel the pressure.

That's by the way, the major thing is that today a leader was born and I want to join the universe to wish you a happy birthday, I pray your new age brings you wisdom, money and happiness. Troubles will come but you will be a conqueror, please let the cake start going round sha 😜.

Amen!!!! Thank you very much hope... That cake ehn... Maybe I would buy a cupcake and share it round. I didn't plan cake for today before.. 😅

 2 months ago  

No problem as long as it's Cake, hehe. Enjoy your day and all the best in your exams 🥰

 2 months ago  

Thank you oh🥹

 2 months ago  

Happy birthday @starstrings01. That shoe is a great gift for yourself and you also a good idea of buying it. In my case I prefer to save or keep it and when it is complete I will buy what I need.

I haven't buy shoes with that amount because I think I can't afford it.

God bless for your exam.

Thank you very much!

The thing about saving and keeping it is that other things could come up that I would not be able to use the money for what I intend using it for. So I find this strategy more easier.

I haven't buy shoes with that amount because I think I can't afford it.

I am sure you will soon

 2 months ago (edited) 

Today is World Starstringz day and I feel blessed to have interacted a few times on the platform. I know how incredible you are but last night just made me realize more about your awesomeness.

I want to wish you a happy birthday first and I pray you to succeed in your examinations.

I love black sneakers and you have made a good strategy to get things done in a way that it doesn't affect your purse. I am sure you are going to enjoy the footwear and shout out to @olujay for doing justice to the pictures.

Wishing you guys success... Please accept my tiny gift.Please accept me tiny gift.

The hangout was incredible and fun for me. I really appreciate everyone that wished me that night. You all put a big smile on my face. Thank you very much for the gift and wishes. I so much appreciate it.

 2 months ago  

Thanks a lot, brother.

 2 months ago  

Beauty :') Love them bro. xD

Thanks so much brotherly!

 2 months ago  

That is a really wise way to spend money.. when you pay it segmentally.. they won’t be much pressure. Either ways the shoe is pretty and I bet it will look nice on you.

And @olujay .. mehn.. he is so good. Even with phone he make photo good. I really need him to give me some training. Heheh.

Happy birthday @starstrings01. I pray your dreams come true, you will prosper well and this year will be a year to remember in Jesus name. Grow big, Grow strong and Grow wise. 🎉

Plus, success in your exams. Best of luck.

Remember our cakes, jollof rice, chicken or anything at all 🤌

 2 months ago  

Thank you so much. 😄

 2 months ago (edited) 

You have been a knight of shining armor for many users in hive here. Always been a leader and will continue to be a leader. The confidence I have in your and your project MAKES me forge ahead, of course if you can do it I can !!

Happiest Birthday To You Starstrings, I wish you more energy and vitality in your doings! I also pray you pass your exams in flying colors💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

I trust @olujay witg his amazing photographer skills... I suck at that 😂.... kudos bro! You guys rock!

 2 months ago  

Thank you, Cesca.

Happy Birthday sir. And the shoe is so fine.. Maybe I will come and borrow it from you and celebrate my own birthday.. Meanwhile what I can see between you and the seller is trust. You have earned her trust. Keep it up sir, you are doing well

 2 months ago  

Safari is here at last. Congratulations man 👏😎😎

Thanks sweetheart.. Baby wey sabi .. Thanks for all the encouragement you gave me

You are a big man! You have more than this. 😅😁

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 2 months ago  

Birthday boy is looking sharp in his Nike shoes 😁
Happy birthday sir! Best wishes.

Lol 😂. I like the way this sounds 😂😂😂

Birthday boy is looking sharp in his Nike shoes 😁

Thanks so much for the gift and wishes. I appreciate you so much.

 2 months ago  

😂😂😂 welcome, welcome 🤗

 2 months ago (edited) 

Hmmmm am coming for you bro...
You deserve a whole post lol, happy birthday man and that's a nice shoe you got there, keep on rocking in your new pants and spec lol ..

 2 months ago  

Wow! Mehn! You deserved the best on your day. I love that sneakers. So portable and of quality which I can see from here.
Happy birthday, Star. I wish you success in your exams and may God help you in all.
Rock the shoe well and trusting it will bring favor to you.

 2 months ago  

i love this shoe😍, rock it on a jean jean or jean and top

Happy birthday star, more good life and blessings❤️❣️

LOl not me shifting my focus from the Nike shoes to the owner of the Nike shoes😁

I see your post and to me you'd pass as a nerd but bro i'm impressed by seeing your picture today🙃

Happy Birthday @starstrings01 i wish you all the best

P/S: Don't take me seriously bikko😄

Great idea, nice

 2 months ago  

Happy Birthday chief, you for buy size 46 make I start to dey wear am first 🥲 letter e go reduce reach ya side 😅😅😅

More blessings and fulfilment chief 🙌

Great Post! Keep up the good work!

Mhmm! Nice Nike Kicks!! Just Do It !!!

Nothingg beats taking care of one's self honestly. After all the only person that got you is you . Stepping those shoes into the exams hall is just one huge flex. I'm sure you smashed that particular paper . Stay jiggy!! 💪💪