No Money, No Love?

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There was this funny saying in the university dorm "No money, No love" - It was used to generally put guys that were in love back to their senses urging them to forget about love as it would never end well without money.


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What do you think? Is love possible without money?

This question has been asked a lot of times in different parts of the world. A look at Quora, and seeing people's answers have made me put my hands on my keyboard to write about this. First, let's take a close look at two opposite answers I saw.

No. It is a huge lie.
I have been studying the history of love and never, I mean it, never has someone been loved if they did not have money. You will never be loved back if you are penniless. Thousands of years of human history and billions of people and it has never happened. No money = no love. It always was and always will be.

I got married when I was pretty well broke. We got the church for free. My wife’s mother made her wedding dress and cake. A kind lady that did flowers let us have the flowers and decorations from a previous wedding for free. The old preacher said some words as his wedding gift to us. And I got some cheap plastic flowers and lace and made my wife’s wedding bouquet with my own hands.
The wedding was wonderful. We were broke. We were desperately in love. We still are today all these years later. And we always will be.
So the answer to your question is that you can indeed have true love without money. And then decades later when you are successful, you will look back very fondly on those early learning years.

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Both statements have contradictory ideas, one says it's possible to still find love while being broke and another says it won't just work without available funds.
For me, I would say yes I concur with the latter that says money is also necessary for love to work out. Don't get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing like the Nigerian artiste Dbanj would say, but you also have to bear in mind that money is the easiest way to show affection. Ever would why women get flattered by the presence of a gift or let me not be all gender-specific? Ponder upon it for a moment or two, why is it that humans are naturally predisposed to the idea that spending on them shows that you care? Why is it that after offending your spouse or loved one, one of the best ways to show your apology is by getting a nice gift and tendering an apology? Take a sec, and look at it, have you realized that most times the gift goes a long way compared to the words of apology?

Yeah, if you are done thinking about it, you would come to realize that money plays a big role in making one fall more for you. It doesn't mean that the person is probably a gold digger or primarily after your cash or in some situations that may be the case, but it just goes to show that money makes the love story sweeter or even more exciting. Take, for example, the popular erotic movies Fifty Shades of Grey and 365 Days. Have you come to think about why most ladies were intrigued by the love story in those movies down to the extent that the producers of those movies had to create a continuation, even though some do not want to admit it because they feel it will reveal their deep lustful desires?

Yes, you are right if you thought deeply about it. It's because of the money status those guys were able to display in the movies. How they were able to shower gifts upon the lady that was driving their fantasy. Come on, the idea of taking a lady to a beautiful island filled with nothing but luxury, a private jet at your disposal, enough cash at your disposal to make use however you damn please, or building the macho effect in the mind of a person, physically endowed with a good body physique, protective nature that gives you the feeling of safety and the trait some bad boy tendency disguised with corporate elegance. Oh please, spare me the theatrics, if that isn't money talking, then what is it?

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These and more are how the producers of these movies were able to showcase a kind of love story everyone craves for. The one filled with love, passion, desire, and most of all wealth. This made it sweeter every day to love the person and try new things without the fear relinquish. Or like popular R&B artiste Adekunle Gold would say

Love is sweet oh but when money enters love is sweeter.

Although what Tom Handy said

So the answer to your question is that you can indeed have true love without money. And then decades later when you are successful, you will look back very fondly on those early learning years.

stuck with me and I admire how various people came together to make his wedding a reality which I am sure has given him the confidence that love can work without money. Not to argue with him or say otherwise but you need to remember that he also said a decade later when you are successful, you will look back fondly on those learning days which means in the end even if you are still in love with someone, you still have to be successful and how we measure how successful you are in the world of today is by how much money you possess and control. This is the only way you can look back at the learning days fondly without any form of regret.

In Conclusion...

loving can be hard and sometimes demanding because it requires you to be vulnerable and open to the person whom you love but I can tell you that the feeling is GOLDEN, and take it from the heart of a man in love.

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Honestly, love can work with or without money. But there are levels to how broke a man can be. I can settle for a man who isn't the richest, but he has to be comfortable to a reasonable extent. My love language is all 5 of them, from acts of service to receiving gifts. By gifts, I do not mean he should buy me the most expensive things, a tiny bracelet, a small necklace, a novel, etc. It's not the gifts that matter, it's the thought for me. I want my man to spoil me silly with gifts, and I'd do the same for him.

You know, a lot of times, I think about men and I feel sorry for them. In today's society, a broke and jobless lady finds love without so much stress, but a broke man isn't deserving of love. Why? My friend said this to me some time ago;

Only men search for love, women search for survival.Once you can take care of them, they are in love.

 3 months ago  

I totally agree with the love language aspect.
It's more than torture when your favorite love language is receiving & giving gifts, and you're doing most of the giving and not getting any because your partner is broke. Of course you can be really understanding in the beginning but I doubt it would last.

 3 months ago  

@ajumaa You're right. We all have our limits. One-sided things will always get tiring. It should be mutual.

Awwn, so cute @omosefe - What a nice comment. Do you have someone with this attributes?

 3 months ago  

Lol @samostically ameboooo😌😁🤣.

 3 months ago  

What a wonderful feedback, Weldon babe 👍

 3 months ago  

Thank you 🙂 @nkemakonam89

Here’s what I’ll say. Money just makes everything better. It is necessary in everything, but it just steps things up.

So sure, you can have a great love story or relationship without money, but with it, you’ll have an epic one. Not necessary, just makes it better.

Besides, everyone has their love language. For some people, love and affection, time and words of affirmation are theirs. For others, it’s spending on them.

Awwwn, I like that line. An epic story with money. You are right ant totally spot on.

The concept itself is toxic and sexist and points back to a time when women were helpless and jobless and needed a man to 'save' them. It's obvious that this ideology is sexist in nature because no one ever says it to women. It's a very old school trope: man needs to make all the money so they can support the wife, 2.5 kids, and mortgage payments on the white-picket fence.

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Hehehe, feels like you continued this in your "simp" post.

It's a Mans's World anyway... But I think men now speak up these days - we tell women to remove "sex" from the table :)

 3 months ago  

This argument goes on and on but I don't really understand how love works without money or some form of material stuffs. Love is about proving, showing, giving.

For the believers (pardon me if you're not one), "God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son"... Do you see that? For Christians, Christ is our model for love. God proved his love for mankind by giving his most valuable "item"...

Now to man, if you're to prove your love to a fellow man (human), what could you possibly do to show it?

You will spend, you will lose, money is very important.

Concerning the movie 50 shades trilogy (...of Grey, ...Darker and ...Freed), Anastasia wasn't in for the money... If you've read the novels where the story is in perfect details, you'll understand all of that better.

But but... I do get your point, somehow I'm believing the money and life of luxury helped a great deal tho E. L. James didn't portrait my dear Ana like that😉

Great post, good points. Well done 😌

Thank you. I like your views, they are very detailed and nice. Truly you are right, you seem to be a great fan of the movie.

 3 months ago  

Yes I am a fan😂 I have all the novels in my phone and the movie... I think it's in my brother's laptop.

I'm glad you like my views.

In short — Money makes life easier.

Love, relationships, marriage, it's all gonna be easier when there's at least minimum wage finance.

Is it the key factor to make love work?

But it does sure help.

Money = love

Certainly 😂

I definitely think a relationship won't last without money from a man. A women won't respect you in her hear of hearts without at least a decent income.

Thanks for your thoughts, very much appreciated.

You're welcome! :)

one of the reasons why @starstrings01 is single! 😪😥

Lol liar - Just getawt! :)

 3 months ago  

Money is needed to carry out a lot of things, relateionship inclusive. However, If a relationship was built on money; showering expensive gifts, shopping and the rest of it then I must say, there is no LOVE ❤️might have a bit shaking when the money is no longer there You don't fall in love because of the material items you will benefit, it's because of that feeling👩‍❤️‍👨 you feel deep down.

One thing I know is that even if there is no money 💵, true love will still triumph 🏆, but with money, it makes everything easy👍.