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Wow this is quite funny but at the same time it is beautiful lol, I just don't know why I love topic like this and most importantly when it deals with fantasy and imaginations, I have been an all time lover of imaginary writing and now this is a combination of my likes and imaginations which made it more beautiful and exciting to write...

Looking deeply into the topic of edition 2 prompt, I think I have written something about this particular topic some months ago talking about animals and now that I recall it, I think it just has a lot of similarities because it was also talking about me becoming an animal of my liking...

I remember vividly that the topic I wrote on back then was something like; if you were to become an animal, which animal would you become and why?, yeah that was what I wrote on some months ago and now seeing something related just make me want to jump on this again because I love animals, I have a pet and I bond well with animals(domestic lol)...


Without wasting too much time on my introduction to topic, I will love to take you all on a beautiful journey of what my favorite animal is, me becoming an animal of my choice and why I want to become that particular animal...

This is going to be fun and I will love it if you follow me on every little details it entails 🤗...


I would have love it if this question was in plural form and I am sure you all would have understood why i wanted such, I am a lover of animals and for different reasons I love different animals and I have lots of favorite but it is indeed a fact that one will surely stand out amongst the list of my favorites and that is why I am going to be talking to you all on my favorite animal...


Its fierceness in battle, its boldness while ruling, its speed while running or hunting down its prey🏃🏃, its fast sense of danger, its quick sense of threat and many more...

I have been a lover of this particular animal since childhood and we all call it THE KING OF THE JUNGLE...

That is to say, my favorite animal is A LION and for many reasons I love a lion so much and that is why it will forever remain my favorite and nothing can change the fact, as long as it is still the king of the jungle, it will always be my favorite animal and no other animal can take its place...



I don't even need to think so much about it at all lol, if I were to become an animal of my choice, I would happily choose to become a lion because of it traits and dominating spirit over all the other animals and that is why it is regarded as either KING IN THE JUNGLE or KING OF THE JUNGLE, any which way I prefer to be called king of the jungle...

I am a big fan of NATGEO WILD and if I am being honest with you all, natgeo wild is one of my favorite channel on both gotv and dstv decoder...


I love that particular channel because of its constant documentary and wild life programs, on various occasions I have been fortunate enough to watch a lion's documentary and from what I have seen so far, I can boldly attest to the fact that it is indeed the king of the jungle and no other animal can overthrow it...


Hmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔 this is indeed a big question but I think the answer to this particular question is very very obvious because I have mentioned some of the reasons above and even with that I will still love to talk more on why I truly want to become a lion amidst other animals in the jungle...

Imagine being the king of all animals in the jungle, imagine being amongst the top 5 fastest predator, imagine being one of the strongest and most dangerous predators, imagine being the leader of a whole jungle, no animal can contend with him when it comes to battle, two big lions will devour seven other animals and most importantly they are protective of their kind and that is what stands out amongst them...



So now talking about why I choose to become a lion amidst all the other animals in the jungle, here are some of the qualities they possess that makes me want to become like them;


When we talk about lions, their outstanding quality consist of all these because they are mostly known to posses all the above qualities which makes them special, hunting their preys is just like a piece of cake for them...

Lions are known to be very fast and quick when hunting for food or hunting their preys, they are known to be very flexible when running that is say, they have the ability to stretch their whole body to catch up to their preys, they are one hell of a agile animal and because of all this quality they possess, they remain dominant upon any battles fought and they always emerge the winner...



Thanks to the documentary I watched some years ago, I came to know that lions are very quick to sense danger both within and from afar, do you know why they are called predators?, they are called predators because whenever they target their preys, they never stop running until they make sure you are been devoured by them...

The funniest thing about them is that, out of 12 animals of the same species, if a lion should target number 1 and 2, he will lock you both down and hunt you both down without going after the remaining preys, that is to say they don't have any business with the surviving 10, the two it wants is what it will go after and make sure it hunts down without the surviving 10 doing anything like revenge lol...

In summary, this means before they become a prey for other animals, they would have already sensed threat from within and instead of them being hunted down, the so called predators becomes a meal for them because they have all the advantages to become a predator...



Their sight is one of their most outstanding qualities as the king of the jungle, once they lock in their targets, even if their preys run to the end of the world, they make sure it is hunted down for meals and their are times they kill for their young cubs without them eating for themselves...

They hardly miss their preys or targets, and even if the prey were to escape, it will still be hunted down later by the same lion, the only thing that happened was that the preys death day was forwarded for another time lol...

*They sight their preys from afar and slowly they lock them down and go after them until they kill them and that is a lion for you...



Lions are known to be very strong and powerful, they don't run from battles because they are always a step ahead, they are courageous in battle, thru fight with all their power and might and at the end of the day, they remain dominant of other animals...*

Once they decide to see the end of a battle, they dont relent until they defeat all the animals involved, one lion is enough to instill fear in many cheaters lol, they don't run from battle...



If you are the observant type, you must have seen how very far other animals are always staying away from the lions an their territory, no animal dare comes into a lions territory, their presence in the same jungle is enough to instill fear not to talk of having a lion at their back lol...

Even when they don't plan to hunt and are just resting, no animal dares to play over to their territory because if such happens, that is the end of that particular animal...

A sleeping lion will instill fear into thousands of awoken animals just because of its outstanding qualities and its title as the KING OF THE JUNGLE...


In summary, lions are bold, fierce and unyielding when it comes to battle and it is either they win or they win lol, they don't settle for defeat...

In conclusion, I am a very big fan and a lover of lion and that is why If I were to become an animal, becoming a lion will be my first and utmost option and if not lion then no other animal can suit me better...



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Foxy...the king of the jungle
Imagine being the king of the whole animal 😂..ur imagination no go kill u..lol
And yes, lion is fearless..it's attributes are nice

Lion fox ..I expected you to be a fox 🦊 that u bear and not a lion 🦁
All the same, nice approach to the topic 👍

 last month  

Heheh lol I will not talk at all lol

 last month  

Suit urself 😜

I also live writing about my imaginations.
I love Lions too, especially because there's this attitude if show off them have.
Indeed, they are a pride of Lion.

They have such majestic stride that one can't help but just stare at in awe.

This is an awesome post.

 last month  

Thnks for stopping by dear

 last month  

Foxy the lion🤣🤣🤣🤣Omo if you become lion I doubt if you will hunt any animal judging by my little observation of You, you will end up playing with those animal 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm just joking sha

 last month  

Hehehe lol...
I too like play lol playing is my hobby lol

 last month  

Okay, I see. So, you want to be tearing people like the lion abi? Hahaha 😄. Don't mind me. This is the best animal that one can desire to be like.
Thanks for sharing.

 last month  

Thanks dear for stopping by

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You are welcome.

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you chose the right choice, there is no doubt that the lion is indeed one of the reliable predators, and he also has the nickname as a king, his courageous soul cannot be doubted

 last month  

One thing I love about lions is that they are always calculative when catching their prey. They do not miss the game because they take time to observe and once they pounce on any, that is the end. Lions are brave, bold and fast runners. You chose a good animal. I even thought you would go for fox considering your nickname or title... Lol

 last month  

Lion are a unique creatures and their might strength gave them an edge to survive attacks most times, being the predators makes others not dare you, although lion still need to be wary of hyenas but they are good in packs.

Great pick.

 last month  

oshey!! predator.... come hunt me in the sky😛

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The fox want to be a lion - faux fox :-). The lion certainly is king and has all the accolades you mentioned. A courageous and proud animal - good choice.