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Back in the days when I was still a little kid, I remember my dad always telling us stories of how back in his days when he was still a student in the university, how he always admired how working students who during their spare times were out there hustling just so they could gather enough money to pay for their house rents and textbooks and also to feed.

Photo by Oladipo Adejumo

He often told us about how some of the male student will hire motorcycles just so they could carry people inside the school for a fee. All this was just so they could secure a better education for themselves and also a brighter future.

Of course those were the days when men and women still believed in doing things the right way unlike now where a lot of people "hustling" are simply just people who are into Internet fraud which is really a sad thing because these days, most of the youths are working smart, they now do legit online jobs which helps to pay the bills.

But you see, the fraud thing has eaten so deep into our system that everyone now believes that if you're a young man looking so clean and has a little bit of money with no physical job, then you're a fraudster.

Definitely one of the reasons why I don't tell people what I do if they don't ask. And if they do ask, I just tell them I have a rich uncle somewhere who is sponsoring me through school. And I say that just to avoid having to explain myself that this is what I do and also to avoid people suspecting me of being a fraudster because I don't want a situation where I'm in my house one day and the police breaks down my door to arrest me just because a whistle-blower heard from someone out there that I am a fraudster.

Anyways, as for how I cope with the stress of working online and studying, I just try to make sure my schedules doesn't clash with one another as schooling and working are both very important to me. So I always make sure to set alarm for different things I have to do at different times just so I can joggle all of it properly. It sure isn't as stressful as physical jobs but I've come to learn that if you don't manage your time properly, you will end up messing up the both of them which could lead to some serious consequences.

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Smart work always helps reduce the stress you undergo just by saving time and energy

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Yup, it does.