Not so fast and furious

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Whether we admit it or not the movies we see, the video games we play all affect our life and way of reasoning one way or the other. There are some people who have tried to be heroes in certain situations where the best and safest thing they should have done was stay put and wait for professionals to come handle the situation.

Sometimes those things ends up in their favor and they become the hero of the day and sometimes, it ends badly, maybe they might even lose their life in the process and everyone will call them a fool.

"Why didn't they wait for the authorities or the right personnel to come handle it?" Everyone will ask.

But then, the truth of the whole thing is that that person wouldn't have been stupid enough to try such a thing if they had not seen Vin Diesel or Ryan Reynolds do it in a cool way in some movie.

The reason why I'm saying all of this was because of an incident that happened some few years back. My siblings and my mom had gone to church one day and while they were all waiting for my dad to come drive them home (his car was parked at the church but he was a bit busy inside) my eldest brother decided for some unknown reasons that he would be able to drive my dad's car and reverse it properly.

My mom had clearly been against the idea but the young man was so sure of himself so he got in anyway and ignited the vehicle. All he had to do was reverse the vehicle and to him, it was a walk in the park. So he did whatever magic he felt he needed to do and before anyone knew what was happening, the vehicle started moving backwards with full speed towards my mom.

He had missed her by luck and crashed it into a fence. That day, my dad had given him the beating of his life because the young man not only damaged his car, but he almost killed his lovely wife.

After the whole incident had settled down, I remember asking my brother what had possessed him to get into the car and try to drive it and that was when he said that he had taught it would be an easy task seeing how the whole control wasn't so complicated and looked exactly the same way in video games.

It was obviously stupid but also made a bit of sense at the same time. Some of this video games are so realistic that you get confident that you can try some of those stunts in real life events but the reality is that it's not true. Video games and real life are two different things and one's life shouldn't be influenced by the kind of game or movie they see.

 2 months ago  

That was a close one.
True though, video games and movies have been made to look so real that it confuses us at times.
I'm really glad it was the fence he crashed into. 😐

 2 months ago  

Yup, it was a really close one. It just goes to show that this things (movies and video games) do have a huge effect and the creators of them need to be careful on what they put out there.. Also, the viewers should know better.

 2 months ago  

The viewers are meant to know better.