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Some of my friends always ask me how is it I write everyday? Seeing how I really have no solid explanation to give to them, I just tell them that it has to do with being consistent. You have to be consistent in doing something in other to be very good at it.

I remember one time I searched online on how to write more often and then I stumbled on an article that said that in other to write more consistently, we have to make sure that we write everyday, no matter how small the article is or how insignificant it is. The more you write, the more words comes freely to you and before you know it, you're doing it like it's nothing.

A good example of how doing things consistently helps was something that happened today. I and a couple of guys from my hostel had decided to go play some football today in school. It had been ages (two - three months) since we last played football so we all decided to go sweat it out a bit. When we got to the field, we all got dressed, wearing our boots and looking like Cristiano Ronaldo had nothing on us.

But ladies and gentlemen, five minutes into the game and we were all breathing like people who were running for their lives. I in particular almost stopped breathing and had to take a break in other to catch my breath because it was obvious that if I continued, I was going to pass out right there in the middle of the field. It didn't take us long to find out what the problem was because we all knew that not playing football for that long period of time was going to have an effect on us.

The other guys who were playing with us who obviously frequented the field more often couldn't stop laughing at us. They were all still very strong and ready to play more while we were ready to call it quit. This is a very good example of how being consistent makes it looks like whatever it is you're doing isn't much work but when someone else tries it and see how difficult it really is, they get surprised as to how easy you make the whole thing look.

So when it comes to writing folks, you can experiment by getting yourself a niche and writing something everyday. Trust me, you will finally get to a stage where you don't have to think too much about what to write, it will just come to you.

 3 months ago  

I used to take pride in being consistent for a long time, but then With my life changes some gaps came in. I m happy for you, maintaining your streak. It's beautiful.

You build some unseen muscles when you re persistent.

 3 months ago  

I have no idea about the unseen muscles 😅 but I know it does feels good being consistent.

 3 months ago  

Your words are true @prayzz. One of the keys to success is by being consistent. If you want to achieve something you would be proud of🥳, then you have to give it all you can💪.

Writing 📝 is fun. The more you write the more you get inspired on what to write but if you see writing as a task, you won't enjoy it and it will look like something you won't be able to handle.

Not all are good at writing but if you have the zeal to improve your writing skill, you are good to go 👍👍🛣.

 3 months ago  

All you've said are spot on Nkem... You have to love what you do to be the best at it... If you don't see writing as something stressful then you surely will be among the best.

 3 months ago  

Sure thing My Boss 💪👌👍🥳
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Consistency is the key, always was and will be. ☮️

 3 months ago  

Exactly brother.

We become masters by the art of consistency but then it takes a lot of intentionality to achieve consistency.

I could just imagine you gasping for air in a bid to survive because like you have rightly said, it was 2 - 3 months ago you were last in the pitch.. hahaha so much for getting some sweat.

I'm less than a week old in Hive, and I'm glad I'm reading this now, it would really help to shape me alongside the sculpturing my coach @bhoa is doing.

Thank you so much @prayzz .

 3 months ago  

You're welcome Unomi... And yes, like you rightly said, it does take lots of intentionality to be consistent.