Life is easy if we are simple!

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We all want to enjoy our lives. But the way we enjoy it varies from person to person. Some live a simple life, some live by deceiving others, and some live by cunning or deceit. In other words, not everyone's life is the same. So the matter of enjoying life is different for different people.

We are social creatures. So in order to survive, we live in groups in the society. One thing we always notice is that not all people in society are equal. At least not all people in the society have the same way of life or characteristics or behavior. There are some people who live by cheating or cheating on others. Again, there are some people who make a living by brokers. Again there are some people who live a very simple life in the society. So everyone's life is different and their experiences about life are completely different. In the end, those who live a simple life in society feel happy at the end of the day. They keep the world free from many troubles.

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Giving such a real example. I have an uncle named Mofiz. He is very simple. He is so simple that he does not even know the money. He understands which money note is bigger in length when it comes to money. He even knows everyone but can't name anyone or don't understand his relationship with them. Believe me I never saw him living a miserable life. In fact, even if he is lacking, he does not have pain in his mind like other people. Instead, he smiles happily with everyone. All these people do not understand what sadness is.

I have also seen some people in the society who live a simple life. No pain lasts long in their mind. Rather, they take those hardships for granted. As a result, suffering or sorrow does not last in their life. Rather, they enjoy life to the full. Another thing is that all these people do not have much desire to get anything in their life. Most people who live a simple life are content with little. As a result, they can enjoy life quite well.

That is, life seems simple to him who lives a simple life. The more complicated you are, the more complicated life will be. So we should get out of mechanics and live a simple life. Because it hides our happiness. Even all these people are well known in the society. He can also enjoy his life quite well. So in order to enjoy life or to make life very easy, we should live in a simple way.

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