Happiness found in unfamiliar amazing flowers

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Hello All My Hivean Friends And Nature Lovers!

Hopefully everybody is well with great mercy of Creator. And everyone is having a good and great time in their respective positions. At the same time you are mentally and physically healthy and well. I'm pretty good too. The last few days I did some unfamiliar flower photography. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Anyway, I am sharing the photography of that flower with you. I hope you like my photography.



A few days ago in the afternoon I had to go to the market for an emergency. Then I went and stood at the back of our market to get some time out. Because I was waiting for one. The waiting thing is hard most of the time. Anyway at that time I saw a wonderful flower blooming there. The flower is really amazing. I liked it very much. So that moment gave me joy for a while. And for that reason the waiting moment was not difficult but happy.



Just as this flower is of a strange type, so is the tree of a very strange type. The flowering plant is very tall and the branches are very thin. The leaves of flowering plants are much like the leaves of banana trees. But the leaves of this tree are slightly smaller than the leaves of banana tree. The holidays are long and look a lot like red.





However, the flowering plant was inside the boundary. I was enjoying the beauty of the flowers from outside the boundary. But there was no way to get inside. Because it was born in a part of an abandoned house. So photography was not going to be done properly. That's why I pulled a flower with my hand and brought it to me and I saw the flower well and did some photography with it. Honestly, I was very happy to see the flower. It seemed like a temporary relief to be found. Because my wait was over with flowers and photography. Of course, I do not know the name of the flower. Because I have never seen such flowers before. So the beauty of the flower fascinated me even more and gave me a little happiness or joy.

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I am Md. Kawsar Hasan. I am Bangladeshi and proud to introduce myself as a Bangladeshi because I love my country so much. Because this is my motherland. I am engaged in the teaching profession. When I can teach my students something new, I have a different feeling. I also like to learn and do something new every day, I like to mingle with new people and like to learn something new. I always think of myself as a student of nature. Because we have a lot to learn from nature. I just try small to learn. I love to travel. A lot can be learned from nature through travel. Love to learn and write. I have been trying to write since I was a child and that is why I often fall behind in writing. I try to respect people. I think if you respect someone, your self-esteem does not decrease but increases.

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 7 months ago  

In my village this flower is chopped in vegetable dishes, it tastes good, friend.