My two favorite soulbound reward cards

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The soul bound reward cards are flowing in now for every quest being claimed but they ain't really usable for players in champ league because they are still low levelled and it will take a while before we can have enough to max them...

Amidst the fact mentioned above, i still take notice of two out of this reward cards that i used in a diamond league play and for some reason, they are usable even in level 1 or 2.....


The first reward card that caught my attention was FUNGUS FLINGER, this monster share some similarities with goblin chef but it is much more stronger due to the abilities it possess....

  • They are both range attackers.
  • They have the affliction ability.
  • They have the same range power attack at max.


The first time i use this card, i realized when it died, the two monsters placed beside it gained one health and one more power attack and i had to rewind the gam play to confirm what i just saw and it was the same! i went to check the stats again after the battle end and i saw the MARTYR ability which add +1 to all the stats of the opponent adjacent to fungus flinger and the ability is at level 1!

The other two abilities are the blind and affliction, i didn't really like the blind ability at first but later on, when i started using monster who possess this ability and saw how the opponent team do miss my monster, i started using monsters with blind more, it is obvious when i have the fungus at max, goblin chef will be missed because i won't be using it anymore, fungus will replace it....



To be honest, i didn't notice this card at first not until a top player used it against me in battle and i was amazed because even at leve 1/2, she is still super strong, it is just 2 melee power attack that is missing and the other two abilities, it still got her double strike ability at low level...

The opponent used it in a melee can attack from any position rule and he also used a monster with the inspire ability to boost her melee power and the others....


The monster will be more brutal with her attacks at maxed level, the piercing will make it unstoppable! Fingers crossed till i have both at max then i can wreck some more havoc on splinterlands....

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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wow, the second one looks cool. I like fungus flinger too.

 last month  

yea fungus is going to be one of the most used reward card on earth splinter once players have it max

!1UP Good work!


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thank you underlock😊


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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121