Zcon2 Next Week

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Make sure you don't miss out on an opportunity to see deep into the minds of some developers on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency technology innovation. Zcash has a unique blockchain with an anonymous coin pool on the blockchain, so you can mine your coins from the source into an anonymous pool, and never at any point use a trusted centralized setup.

The only official Zcash node is a Linux node.

At Zcon2 you can expect to hear lots about the following great projects and topics of interest!


A Metamask-style browser extension for Zcash

GPU vs ASIC Mining

4 years later, how did ASICs affect Zcash coin distribution?

Zaddress Unification

Recently the cash Z-Address was unified with the T-Address increasing people's ease of access to privacy and being more true to the Privacy by Default Mission Statement

Electric Coin Company

Surely we will hear from Zooko and other big names in the ECC development committee such as Mathew Green or Andrew Miller!


ZF Grants are in Full Swing, lets see what good news they have for us about our VC investments as Zcash miners who contributed to the MGRC grant fund.

Thorchain + Zcash Bridge

Bringing privacy to the Thor ecosystem with the Zcash unified Zaddress

Recently @rawbe has accepted @phusionphil's invitation to participate in the Zcash Community Advisory Panel, ZCAP members vote on community governance topics, like the election of MGRC candidates recently.

if you are interested in being potentially selected for participation of future events like this, please interact as much as possible on the Zcash Community here on hive.

Zcash Official Community Forum: https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/
ECC YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ZcashCo
Zerocoin Project About Us: http://zerocash-project.org/about_us



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