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""Long Exposure photography is the name given to the technique in which the camera's shutter is left open during a somewhat lengthy period of time. The resulting image captures the trail of moving objects in front of the camera, while showing still elements razor sharp" Wix
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Round 11 Long Exposure Photography Winners


Rank 1 - @lightcaptured



Image by@lightcaptured
Prize20% Beneficiaries


Rank 2 - @arbalestarx7


Screen Shot 2566-01-26 at 18.10.58.png

Image by@arbalestarx7
Prize15% Beneficiaries




ThursdayLong Exposure02.02.2023




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  • Only use your own work
  • Post your entry in the comment section with a short description
  • No nudity



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Good Luck Everyone!

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Hi there! I will try my luck this time :). My entry for the contest - The Island of Magic - Hamnoy island on Norwegian Lofoten archipelago.


Well with your incredible work you don't need much luck, ha! :D Thanks for joining in - Really glad seeing you in the contest!

Thanks so much for selecting my photo, a real pleasure!
Really means a lot, as earlier today this particular image was reject by one of the stock agencies I am selling to for "technical reasons". They are so inconsistent, unfortunately.

Why would they reject it? Thats such a great image!! Well, at least I will never reject your work, ha! :D

All agencies suck in that regards. The official reason is "Technical Issues"
They say the filtering criteria are objective but they are more than 80% subjective, as sets of photos from similar sets with same settings sometimes get fully approved and some other times fully rejected. That's why I am back uploading to Alamy as they give full creative freedom to the photographers.
At the end, it must be the client who decides what's good and what is not. ;)

Huge thank you!


@photofeed! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @lightcaptured. (3/5)


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@lightcaptured(3/15) tipped @photofeed (x1)

Please vote for pizza.witness!

My entry here. A small and quite unknown waterfall in Iceland. Sheep's waterfall.