🌎📸 PhotoFeed Around The World Contest - Asia Winner Announcement + Round 3!

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📸 Hey Photographers! 📸

Welcome to our new daily feature (Mo - Sat) - "PhotoFeed Around The World" - A contest series where we host a contest for all 6 continents on 6 different days. Each contest (continent) will run for 1 week before another round starts. Just post your entry into the comment section and you are good to go!
You can post anything from Landscape, Street Photography, Cityscape, Astro-Photography etc. - Just what ever you like related to the continent.

Winner of Round 2 - Asia

The winner of Round 2 - Asia is @sharker with another stunning landscape image from the north of Kyrgyzstan. I love seeing images from places which are quite unique seeing photographs from. Thanks for your great submission!



Round 3 of our weekly Asia contest starts right now. Drop your entries in the comment section!



MondayNorth AmericaUntil 23.05.2022
TuesdayAsiaUntil 24.05.2022
WednesdayEuropeUntil 18.05.2022
ThursdayAfricaUntil 19.05.2022
FridayOceaniaUntil 20.05.2022
SaturdaySouth AmericaUntil 21.05.2022




  • Every user has 1 entry per continent
  • Only use your own work
  • Post your entry in the comment section with a short description
  • No nudity



  • Every Round has 1 winner which gets 35% beneficiaries of the continents winner announcement post
  • Every entry receives a 50% upvote in the comment submission
  • If you make a separate post with "PhotoFeed Around the World - .." u will receive a 50-100% upvote on your post

Good Luck Everyone!

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G'day, here is my entry to this week's competition.
I took this shot ontop of Mt Zao in Japan, over looking the Okama crater. It is such a stunning view up there!
The contrast of the snow and clouds with the blue sky and brown landscape was beautiful!



Love it! What a beautiful spot! Haven't seen that location before tho :))

It sure is a great view ontop of Mt Zao!

Thank you! :)