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📸 Hey Photographers! 📸

Welcome to our new daily feature (Mo - Sat) - "PhotoFeed Around The World" - A contest series where we host a contest for all 6 continents on 6 different days. Each contest (continent) will run for 1 week before another round starts. Just post your entry into the comment section and you are good to go!
You can post anything from Landscape, Street Photography, Cityscape, Astro-Photography etc. - Just what ever you like related to the continent.

Winner of Round 2 - Africa

The winner of Round 2 - Africa is @sharker with an impressively looking shape of a stone on a location called Legzira Beach in Morocco, Africa. Unfortunately this crazy formation collapsed back in 2016 as Sharker mention in his entry. How lucky that you still got this shot! Thanks for sharing it with us..



LocationLegzira Beach, Morocco
Image by@sharker


Round 3 of our weekly Africa contest starts right now. Drop your entries in the comment section!




MondayNorth AmericaUntil 23.05.2022
TuesdayAsiaUntil 24.05.2022
WednesdayEuropeUntil 25.05.2022
ThursdayAfricaUntil 26.05.2022
FridayOceaniaUntil 20.05.2022
SaturdaySouth AmericaUntil 21.05.2022




  • Every user has 1 entry per continent
  • Only use your own work
  • Post your entry in the comment section with a short description
  • No nudity



  • Every Round has 1 winner which gets 35% beneficiaries of the continents winner announcement post
  • Every entry receives a 50% upvote in the comment submission
  • If you make a separate post with "PhotoFeed Around the World - .." u will receive a 50-100% upvote on your post

Good Luck Everyone!

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View from Chapman's Peak Drive not far from Cape Town, South Africa. This is a very scenic road with great ocean views, even on cloudy days.

That was unexpected! Thank you very much :)

Most welcome Sharker! :))