Nature Can Use Watercolor, Too

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Greetings, Fellow Drunk Creatives and Other Lightheaded Folks!

This first part of my talk shall be about a story from the age of film photography. I was a child and had almost no skills nor knowledge but I had inspiration. I can't remember if I already had my first camera...the snapshot toy-like tourist thing with 35 mm Focal Length and locked focus the brand and model of which were...Skina 102. You put the film and the batteries for the flash in, you slid the lid covering the lens, you pushed the trigger, then you rolled a wheel to move the film to the next position.I think you couldn't Double Expose because the trigger would be locked until you rolled the film forward after the shot.

My inspiration came from an uncle of mine who was not that older than me...just about ten years. Well, when you're ten, that's double the life experience. In length.

Anyway, he said one day...something that would sound strange to those who have only ever shot digital...

I am going to get a film cassette and fill it all with pictures of clouds.

That would be 36 pictures in total.

Now this is a digital photograph I made of a cloud that in a way resembled the way a droplet would develop when you accidentally or intentionally made it while painting in watercolor.

Nowadays, I belong to a school that is focused on changes in society, shooting people and moments, etc. Not just clouds. Looking for more significance.

Still, the animal in me is in awe. I am still a huge fan of nice random patterns.

I know my role is just registering Nature's artwork but sometimes I feel that's enough.

There are times I am in no mood for serious topics because they are too much and too often on my mind. When tired, postpone sharing such thoughts for a day when you have more energy. Or don't. I will, though.




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