Dirty Photo: The Bus in The Sahara

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Shot on Agfa RSX 100 (cross-processed) using a 4x5 Graflex camera and a 135 mm Graflex lens. Scanned from a dirty c-print.


Hi There, I am Captain Klaus, a travelling photographer with a
professional background. I mostly shoot on large format colour film.

I do everything from developement to printing in my lab.
Check out @photolabo to have a look.

If you've seen this picture before, it must have been on the old chain...


It's hard to even imagine that cars would drive through those sands...

I did stay on solid ground; getting stuck with the bus can be a lot of trouble!

Hi captain. The photo is from an old archive or you still do photos on film?
Maybe it is stupid question from me, but I do not see an date when the photo was made.

Hi There, this photo is from an archive, it was taken in 2011.
I still do photos on film; just finished setting up my new darkroom for fine art printing @photolabo
Why are you interested in the year? I'm asking because I often wonder if time is of any element in my work.