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You know that feeling when you just really want a coffee even though it’s 7pm and you know it’s going to keep you up later? Well I couldn’t resist the temptation.

So here I am sitting by the fire with my warm leopard print mug of coffee and I’m happy!!! Isn’t that what life’s about?

Our coffee story actually started during the first hard lockdown in 2020. All the neighbours had been chatting on a WhatsApp group about what they were missing so I had mentioned a hot frothy latte from our local Seattle Coffee shop. We usually only drink tea at home and a “proper” coffee was a treat. So now we had been deprived of our treats for almost 2 months already.

After my comment a neighbour 2 roads down popped me a DM and said he had two coffee machines so I could use one of them until lockdown ended!!! How generous is that???!!?

We I popped over quickly and collected our “new” Nespresso machine as well as the pods which he generously gave us. We had managed to get an electric milk frother at our local grocery store so now we were set and ready for COFFEE!!!!

Hallelujah!!!! It was so good!


By October we returned the Nespresso Machine and managed to get our very own one and now we’re a little bit addicted to our daily latte made at home by yours truly.


So now we have a whole hot beverages corner in our kitchen dedicated to tea first thing in the morning, coffee mid-morning and whatever the heck else we file like for the rest of the day.


The coffee owl is our storage container for our pods that we order from Uber Coffee (not Uber the car service) and we usually get the mixed bag which is a hundred pods with 5 types in a bag.


This evening I selected the black pod which is the original and it’s a blend of 3 Arabica beans from Central and South America and Africa. I’ve got to say that I’m loving it!!!


We also have brilliant French press coffee from our local store that friends gave me for my birthday but I’m hanging onto that until we have guests to share it with. The French Vanilla wafts from the cupboard every time I open it and it is soooooo tempting.


And then I’ve got the good old instant coffee, although a very decent brand for those less special occasions. Douwer Egberts is the brand my dad has always drank since I was a kid so it’s a bit of an institution in our family. Although my folks have also recently got a Nespresso Machine and are now being converted successfully! It had to be done.

Actually, I just realised that I had a coffee with a friend this morning so it’s my second today! Oh well! I’ll be up late reading or playing solitaire on my phone.

Might as well add a piece of chocolate cake to go with that coffee and make it a real dessert treat.


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Hello @zo3d,
I surely can relate to needing that late evening cup of coffee. It sounds cozy to have it next to the fire.
That was kind of your neighbour to lend you his Nespresso (+ free pods), which definitely got you hooked. Nespresso's quality is so good that it's not surprising.
I have a fascination for birds. I've never seen a real owl, but I find them intimidating to look at. However, I do like your coffee owl:-)
Thank you for sharing this awesome post with us!

Hi! Thanks so much! Now I’m watching Netflix and added a piece of chocolate cake to the mix. I’ll have to sleep when I’m dead! 😂

I love the coffee owl!!! It’s the perfect size for our pods and it looks cute. ❤️

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I’ll have to sleep when I’m dead! 😂

Indeed! 😂

sleep when I’m dead

You're not a fan of the Warren Zevon by any chance are you?

Oh my gosh you pulled that out of an archive somewhere!!! Not quite my style but yeah it’s got the right sentiment 😂

Hey @zo3d

This is a post after my own heart. It is so weird that I actually also just posted a coffee story. We really do take it for granted until we don't have it for a bit, so I TOTALLY get it. Very very generous and pretty freaking awesome of your neighbour to lend you that machine!

Enjoy every cup of that divine substance, it is so good.

Have a good one and hope you guys are getting slightly better weather there now.


Aaaw! Thanks. Still had some showers this morning and it’s been pretty COLD but the fires been so nice and warm (with my coffee!!!) How is it in your part of the world??

Very similar here in Knysna, it's cold, rainy and rather grey. I'm really rooting for spring to make a proper appearance now lol.

Have a super evening Zoe, keep that fire burning!

Evening coffee is the best! I'm a night owl anyway so it usually don't hurt my feelings to stay up late because of it. For me, tea is the treat (or the easier option while camping) and coffee the default, I forget how much of the world is the other way around.

I'm curious about this Seattle Coffee now, and also how it ended up in South Africa 😄 I've had coffee from Seattle but never Seattle Coffee...

Ha ha! Seattle Coffee is a brand here in South Africa. The owners actually live in the town that we used to live in and I’ve been to their roastary in the past. They make brilliant coffee!!! No idea why it’s called Seattle coffee though😜 Tea is my first choice in the morning though. Can’t do without it!

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That was so kind of your neighbor! I've been eyeing on that espresso machine for a while now but still don't know if it's gonna be worth my investment. Even now, I don't even have time to make my coffee 😂 I might have to reconsider again as I see the coffee result isn't bad, that looks like a cafe made.

It is definitely worth the investment! We used to buys coffees at the local coffee shop but now we usually only have at home so we have save d a fortune by having coffee at home. And these are so many choices of pods these days! You aren’t stuck to only using Nespresso pods because a lot of the other brands make pods that for the machine. It takes about 2 minutes and we’ve got a lovely coffee!

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Oh yeah, I notice there are so many coffee pods these days. So, it's not a problem at all. I am either getting that one or the cafe espresso machine. 😆 I guess, that'll help end my Starbucks addiction

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Hello @zo3d

We're looking forward to seeing you soon;-)
Have a great day!

I love how you went from the occasional coffee drinker to a daily coffee drinker. Coffee has a way of getting cozy and settling in for the long haul. 😀