The Coffee Professor!

My heart was racing at the speed of light, my mind scrambling for some thought...some inspiration, maybe a moment of brilliance to get me out of this mess of a nightmare I was in. I pinched myself on the skin as I swallowed the last bite of my marmalade toast while frantically running around the kitchen, to make sure whether I was still asleep of was it really happening. Uprooting a few strands of hair and letting out a painful scowl, I was assured that I was indeed awake and this nightmare was indeed hapening. I was out of coffee beans. The grinder was empty. My store box was empty, there were no intact packets. I was out of coffee.

I paused for a moment to let the horror sink in.

I took a deep breath. The time to panic was not now. I have to quickly formulate a plan, I thought to myself. It was already 7:30. I had 45 minutes to go before the fingerprint scanner will stop registering entries of the employees. But none of the coffee shops in the vicinity of my house, or my hospital was going to open before 8:30. I thought of tricking the fingerprint scanner by entering my fingerprint and then instead of running to the ward, I would just wait for the hospital cafeteria to open at 8.30. But I had to attend a meeting with my professor, so being sharp on time was essential. Hence, tricking the scanner was not an option. But hang on...., My mind was starting to race now. Maybe tricking the scanner was not an option, but tricking my professor sure could be an option.

This was going to be a bold move. But desperate times call for desperate measures and this was the very definition of a desperate time! Because once I am in the ward already, it was going to be nearly impossible to sneak out for a cuppa till lunch break and a groggy me is not a very nice me!

I quickly set off for the hospital. Maneuvering through the morning traffic I managed to reach just in time to trick the fingerprint scanner. And then with my heart pounding, I walked back out of the hospital. There was a new cafeteria that had opened last week and I was meaning to try out their coffee anyway.

I waited till the clock struck 8.30. My phone had already ringed once and without looking I knew it was from my professor awaiting our meeting. He'd be furious, but it's okay. I had a plan.

As the cafe opened I was the first customer in. I ordered one grande Hazelnut Latte and one grande Cappuccino. No, I was not going to drink both of those of course!

Within 10 minutes, I entered my furious professor's room with two large cups of coffee!

The new cafe serves excellent coffee sir, I heard. So I thought why not we try it out as we proceed with the meeting today! I said, before he could splutter his anger.

Oh, did I forget to mention? My professor is an equally hardcore coffee freak, if not more!


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 2 months ago (edited) 

I had 45 minutes to go before the fingerprint scanner will stop registering entries of the employees.

This made me chuckle 🤣

Cunning act 👍

Haha noted that didn’t ya! Nothing misses you eye 😂

 2 months ago  

Haha! Yeah! But I forgot to write a comment below it...edited 😅

The professor must have been thrilled with the coffee, well, even I would be. Things happen or happen, but what hard work you have done in a progressive way. Imagine trying to open the hospital cafeteria like that hahahahahaha.

Hehe I bet he was thrilled with that large cup of coffee!

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Nothing more pleasing than a hot cup of coffee. I like chai too.

Oh yes cha! But when it comes tea, I really only enjoy the one my mom makes!