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Hail to the Hive!

And a very good morning to you all.


We’ve arrived in a little town called Stone, in Staffordshire. It’s a very pleasant stop with many convenient shops and facilities. This is a good thing as I realised that due to mass consumption of coffee and watching zombie shows we have

No coffee!


So before @millycf1976 has even risen from the cradle I legged it around the corner to the nearest supermarket, which happened to be a Morrisons. Quickly throwing in stuff into the shopping basket that I knew we needed I blitzed around the aisles and then as I was grabbing coffee I spied something a little different…



Got to be worth a shot.

Now it may sound like a cliché but I really do like my coffee for the same reasons I was attracted to my wife. They share similar attributes.


Strong, Black and very VERY HOT!


Now this coffee is advertising itself as very strong

That means I want to do it Breaking Badger Style, in the vaccuum pot.

I love peoples faces when they get nosey passing the boat and I am making coffee with this. Always gets a double take.


Now having done a morning run, pre coffee and food, I am in the mood for some immediate satisfaction of the caffeine and sugar variety so thanks the old gods and the new for morrisons doughnuts….


Oh yeah!

And I shall put the pot on top of the multifuel stove to stay hot as I plan to get fully loaded today. This stuff really is strong & delicious ( just like the missus😉).


Ok now to explore the little town of Stone!





Coffee and donuts seem like a perfect match.

 4 months ago  

Cheesecake is a better combo but donuts is still pretty damned awesome with coffee

Those were Cheesecakes then! Now I'm feeling more hungry 😋

 4 months ago  

No they were donuts but my favourite combo is cheesecake and coffee, mmmmm

Oo..then I was not wrong about them. We don't have cheesecake available in our bakeries, I don't know why they don't make it. And I'm a lazy cook, hehe...So I usually enjoy donuts with my coffee :)
Have a good day.

 4 months ago  

Hey you! You've got me blushing 😊 🤗
Intense, strong, and delicious was my cup this morning!
You've got a good eye for nice stuff;)
...with the perfect "Bob Marley donuts" 😁😍

 4 months ago  

Yupnthe ones with ‘Jammin’ hehe

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