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Welcome to my blog

Hello friends of hive I hope you are doing great, this time I want to share with you what I did this rainy afternoon.

In my city it was raining all day, I went out for a moment to have a coffee and a sweet with my boyfriend but we didn't get any nice place because we couldn't walk that far as it could rain.

So we went back home and ended up buying a cup of coffee and some golfeados and went home, I highly recommend this coffee because it is very good, so far it has not lowered its quality.



This coffee so far has seemed super good to me, it tastes very good, I can prepare it to my taste, if I want it very strong I apply a little more and that's it, I don't like coffee so light but because of my gastritis I can't abuse it so I make it normal, neither so light nor so dark, and it's perfect.

What a delight to have a cup of coffee while having a nice chat with someone, and especially if it's raining with the cold weather we are having in Caracas ✨.

After a while my sister and my brother-in-law came up to each one and I offered them coffee and golfeado, while we talked for a while, my sister drank about four cups but my cups are very small, then she was a little imperative hehe but we had a nice time.


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Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day!
Yeah Man! Why not, man-12.jpg

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Interesting marketing on the package. Could you imagine real life was like that?

"Hmmm, who should I buy coffee from 🤔 well, that topless woman looks like she would have good coffee..."


Wow I hadn't noticed the image hehe just how good the product is, Cheers thanks for commenting ✨.😄 @leaky20

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