I miss coffee!

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I recently took these photographs of the coffee I typically drink at home. Ground coffee from a brand I often rely on: Taylors of Harrogate. Though annoyingly after taking the photographs I ended up testing positive for Covid. While my symptoms haven't been too bad, I have had to give up coffee for over a week in efforts to prioritise tea and water and recover as fast as possible. With fatigue and feeling so weak being a large issue, coffee didn't seem wise too.

Though this here is typically what I drink. And I am really missing it! It's a relatively smooth coffee, not too strong and not too weak. While I drink my coffee with nothing added, taste tends to be something I heavily go for. Always drinking coffee first thing in the morning and being very specific in regards to its strength; not wanting to wake up too much and then crash around midday!

While I've tried the other options from this brand, this tends to be what I go for mostly. Once opened I cover it up with a random croc-clip that I usually use for work, these little clips are insanely useful at home, so I don't actually mind that I end up accumulating them from each film shoot. I slap on that clip and store the coffee in the fridge. I'm curious as to who else does this, I've heard others do it, while also spoken to people in the past that found such an idea strange.

Anyway, I haven't had coffee in forever! I'm really missing it, and as I get better I look so forward to making a pot of it again. And as to how it'll taste having been ill and taken such a break from it. Typically I take little coffee detoxes to avoid getting too reliant on coffee, though this is often just a short reduction in intake of the cups I have, as well as maybe one or three days without it. Rarely anything more!

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Sorry to hear that you tested positive for covid. I hope you get better soon.


Thanks! Fortunately I'm almost back to normal. Another day or two, I think. I'm so looking forward to having some coffee again though.

Well you're sensible, when we had covid I just kept merrily feeding my addiction XD

we don't even drink good coffee

How are you doing now?

I'm not testing every single day because it's just not necessary and the amount of plastic waste our Chinese friends are causing with daily tests is insane. So I might not be positive now anymore. I still feel a few symptoms but they're incredibly minor. I'm up and moving around like normal again, just still stuck inside; don't really want to move around in public until I know I'm not ruining someone's Christmas, haha.

Well you're sensible, when we had covid I just kept merrily feeding my addiction

I mean those first 3 days of having it, my appetite went crazy. I was just endlessly hungry and eating everything. Food suddenly tasted even nicer than usual.

LoL! Well least you had that version of taste changing instead of not being able to taste anything XD

We didn't bother testing every day either (kids and I actually didn't test at all when we got it, we kind of just assumed we had it as we had literally the exact same symptoms as J and he tested positive), we only tested after getting better and wanting to make sure we were clear before going out.

And then we found out how accurate the rats aren't so there may have been no point anyway.

Yeah I got this because a relative had a rough cough for weeks. They tested negative for 12 days. To which point when they finally had a positive result it was too late for me. The day they told me they tested positive, it was only a few hours later I started to notice symptoms myself.

How nice that you are feeling well enough to post Namiks, I guess you must be about over the worst part by now, I am so happy for you 🙏🏼. I can never give up coffee, sick or not, I must have at least 3 medium cups in a day, without coffee I am just a zombie out there 💀, may I lack water, but not coffee, I have never tried Italian coffee, I like that it is not so strong, I doubt I will get that brand here 😕, but I will try to get an Italian one to see how I like it.

Greetings @namiks I wish you a speedy recovery 💪🏼💞.

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