The Fight for coffee


Ana, without coffee she could not write, all the ideas of her next story were going around in her head, they were like little birds fluttering in the nest but they did not end up nesting there, in her head.

Since coffee was banned in the country, her life as a writer had taken a turn, coffee was important to bring her stories to life. That wonderful ritual of boiling the water, placing the ground coffee in the strainer, watching the dark liquid bubble as it drips and smelling that unique and indescribable aroma and then slowly taking each sip was what inspired her.

This was the only way she could masterfully capture her wonderful fictional stories, the ideas flowed clearly from her brain to her hands, her fingers merged with the keyboard forming a single whole with her and her computer.


Yes, she would definitely have to do something about it, she would not let another day go by without preparing that inspiring elixir of her stories. So without thinking twice, he took his backpack and enough money to pay for the now clandestine product.

He had been given an address where he could get it, it was a store in the city market, the only problem was that the guards checked the bags when leaving the market. Well, she would use her writer's wits to avoid being discovered.

Once in the market she went to the recommended store and indeed, there was a man of rough but friendly appearance, he said good morning and handed her a list of products whose initials formed the word coffee, that was the password to receive the precious product.


The shopkeeper, stared at her and then nodded with a huge smile, after a while he came out with the products on the list, Cumin,
Fennel (two bulbs) and an Eel, the price did not seem expensive so she opened the bag but did not see her precious product, so she looked up and the shopkeeper with a whispering voice told her that she was carrying the most important thing.

Now it was her turn to pass the test of fire, which was to pass the check of the guards at the exit of the market, she stopped and bought two pieces of fresh bread and when it was her turn the guards checked her backpack and then the shopping bag, they asked her if she liked to eat eel, She put on an amused smile and answered that she didn't, but that she would receive a visit from her father and would prepare her favorite meal, eels stewed with fennel cream, they let her leave without problems, for a moment she thought her heart would stop, so she hurried home.

When she arrived home, she locked the door and pulled the curtains of the windows, she felt like the heroine of her own story, she was also intrigued about where her precious coffee was hidden, so she took out the products and there, carefully hidden among the oregano was the plastic bag that kept her precious product, coffee.

Now she would wait for the night to fall, and while everyone in her town slept, she would prepare her dark elixir that would allow her to give free rein to her imagination and thus finish that fictional story that had been so hard to put in writing.


This is my participation in the #8 contest of the community coffee cup cinnamon with the theme the fight for coffee.

With this publication I present myself in the community in which I had not found how to participate, I celebrate this contest so original to write a story about this universal product and so precious to all, coffee; I can not imagine the mornings without coffee, so I would be willing to risk to get it.

I hope you like my story and from now on I will be attentive to your publications.

Happy coffee to all.

I designed the cover, collages and banners with the Canva application and the images are my own photos and others from Pixabay.



Hola querida @miriam11, que historia tan emocionante, casi que dejo de respirar con Ana cuando se disponía a salir y pasar por el control de los guardias. Necesitó mucho valor y no le faltaron las ganas de tomarse su rico café, tanto así, que arriesgó su libertad por el mismo. Me intriga conocer la historia que estaba escribiendo 😉

Thank you for your visit, and how glad I am that my story moved you to the point of stopping your breathing.🤗💐

Beautiful post and story mom! I love! 💟

Fabulous that you liked it, thanks for the visit daughter 💖💖

 5 months ago  

Hello, I loved your story, the narration is very good and makes you get into what Ana is living, coffee is a fundamental element for writers, Ana risked everything for her beloved coffee, excellent publication.

Thank you for your visit and kind comment. It's good to know that Ana's story managed to involve you, that's my goal when writing.

 5 months ago  

Clever idea hiding the coffee in the oregano.

Stewed eels with fennel cream. Interesting dish.


Thanks for reading, although I love to cook and invent recipes I have never prepared this dish hahahaha, but those were the ingredients of the secret key.
In English the initials form an acrostic

 5 months ago  

Hello @miriam11
That's a nice story. I love the idea of the secret code and her clever plan there.
Thanks for entering the contest:)))


Thank you for reading my publication, it was not easy to find ingredients whose initials will form the coffee acrostic, especially eels, hahahaha.

Hola, @miriam11 me encanto tu historia es muy emocionante por un momento pense que estaba escondido en las anguilas

I did think of that because the smell of the fish also masks the smell of the coffee.
Thanks for visiting.