Coffee and coffee shop moments: A posting contest - CONTEST NOW CLOSED

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Contest now officially closed

One hundred and fifty hive in prizes

Contest ends 1 October 2021 - World Coffee Day

In conjunction with the Cinnamon cup coffee community I'm running a posting contest around the theme of coffee, cafés and coffee shops. It's designed as a fun contest and to bring additional awareness to the community and generally get some buzz happening around the blockchain. The topic and guidelines are below so read on for how to enter and what prizes are on offer; you'll need to follow the guidelines.

150 hive prize pool

The prize pool is funded by @tarazkp, @galenkp @millycf1976 and @bluefinstudios, and Milly will be doing the judging with help from myself; Our decisions on the winners will be final of course, and the entry guidelines below will be adhered to in the judging process.

☕️ 110 hive - 50: 1st | 30: 2nd | 20: 3rd | 10: 4th place

☕️ 40 hive - Split between a few notable mentions

Post topic: Coffee and café moments

Post about things like below:

Your favourite coffee shop moment with a friend or family member
How coffee or coffee shops play a part in your daily routine
Favourite breakfast in bed, with coffee or tea, moment
Fictional or real-life coffee, café or coffee shop story
Post about coffee-making or cooking with coffee
Post about your favourite coffee shop or café

Basically post about coffee, cafés or coffee shops and don't worry if you don't like coffee, tea or hot chocolate posts are welcome. That's found in a coffee shop too after all. Get creative and have some fun with it - All are welcome.

Follow these guidelines strictly to be eligible for judging

Minimum of 200 words in English
Must be posted in Cinnamon cup coffee community - not cross-posted
✅ Tag your post #coffeecontest as your first tag please
✅ Original work only - no plagiarising text or images
✅ Contest runs from now to Friday 1 October 00:00 UTC (midnight UTC)

Read the guidelines to ensure your entry is eligible - Only posts meeting the above requirements will be eligible in the interest of being fair to all.

If you have any questions ask me below in the comments

The Cinnamon cup coffee community is a virtual coffee shop for the hive blockchain welcoming all coffee shop-related posting be it coffee or coffee-shop cake recipes, posts about coffee-related equipment, coffee-making tips, showcasing great cafés, coffee shops fairs or markets where coffee is found, coffee art and craft...Really just anything around the most excellent thing called coffee and coffee shops.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

Discord: galenkp#9209

Image is mine

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Fun. I will think about what to post!

 22 days ago  


Please follow the guidelines though.

 22 days ago  

me too. excellent and wide related-topics list.

 22 days ago  

A tremendous thank you for this @galenkp.
This is awesome!
It's a great opportunity for community members, and everyone across the blockchain.
I'm excited and looking forward to reading all the entries.
I've got a good feeling about this 😍

 22 days ago  

I hope a few got involved as I think it's a great opportunity to share a story, engage with the community and to put oneself in front of others that may not normally see one's posts. You know, grow one's account.

 22 days ago  

I totally agree.
Coffee is the heartbeat of many, so I hope everyone will get writing.

 22 days ago  

Coffee is the heartbeat of many, so I hope everyone will get writing.

this is not self-automated thing, imo.... there are tremendous subjects that are getting close to zero response. A good PR and raising awareness do matter!

 22 days ago (edited) 

Milly -- this is excellent!!! reblogged to raise awareness. And its definitely a good kick to my ass to write the post that I started and postponed for ages :P

I've got a good feeling about this

exactly. 🧚‍♀️

 22 days ago  

Hey qwerrie, cheers for that!
Yes please! Get your ass into gear!
Hopefully more reblogs will spread the word;-)
The days are counting!!

 22 days ago  

last week was terrific for me (in terms of time), I had 3 project dedlined for it, and managed to complete only 2 of them. So, all the weekend I am sitting at home adnd trying to shoot the 3rd one. (the book about fish, snakes and frogs - I am editing the pictures). Hope the next week will be more ok for me, and I promise, I promise (for myself) :))

 22 days ago  

oh dear! A book about snakes!! I hope never to see it.😫
Frogs and fish sound interesting though.
I hope you get some time to complete all projects, write a post for the contest, and get to put your feet up! and more;-)

 22 days ago (edited) 

its about all the reptiles, to be precise,- newts, snakes, crocodiles, frogs. this stuff. not specifically about the snakes. a popular science reading, quite interesting. I think when the publisher will print it, I will take a free copy and read it with my daughter (she is extremely in love with froggies). and then I will return it back - we dont have a rubber house, the number of books that I can keep now is limited :)

 22 days ago  

your expression is so funny 🤣
I can do any other reptiles, just not snakes!
I'm sure your daughter would love that;) Some kids some frogs. I recall pouring salt on frogs in Jamaica.

You make me want to think of a contest I'd want you to announce.

Something like this DAyeees..?

G-Dog says...

Someone's got to develop a badge for most creative comment.

What about the most creative title?

Fuuuu Q dude!

Okay, Okay, chill dude. How about the most creative opening sentence? Would that work for you?

Haha! YOU win!!!!

Happy Dance..!!

I think you need to add some letters.

 22 days ago  


Yeah, you make me think of you thinking of a contest you'd want announced. I'm wondering encoded enquiringly daringly. What would that be?

I don't know but if Galen announces it, it'll be a hit like wake & bake.

I thought you weren't allowed in the kitchen to bake, awake or wake.

That would be nice of you brother

Love this! What a fabulous community! Coffee definitely deserves it's own community. And contest

 19 days ago  

Sure does.

 22 days ago  

Yes, Thank You.

 22 days ago  

Thanks for reblogging this @afridany1, and I'm looking forward to your entry!

this sounds really cool.
I will enter this contest

 22 days ago  

Yes, it's a really cool opportunity.
So, yes! Please go ahead and submit your entry.
Make sure to check and adhere to the criteria outlined, for your entry to qualify.
I'm looking forward to reading yours;)

 22 days ago  

We're looking forward to your entry. Please follow the guidelines for eligibility. 😉

I must tell my pet human about this contest.

 22 days ago  

You may need to tell him a couple times...I heard he was slow on the uptake.

Gotta Love that Krazzy Pet Human of mine.!!

DQ Kitty.jpg

 21 days ago  

Lol...He's not too bad huh?


Thanks for the heads up @krazzy-kitty

a sam monster.jpg

I like talking about coffee probably more than I like drinking it.

I am a 20% er. Meaning I only dabble with the Java a few days of the week at best.

Since my discovery of the monster java iced coffee drink. I have grown into more of a coffee drinker out on the road.

Does the Monster drink even count as coffee..?

I may join in on this one. Time permitting as I am working this weekend with a delivery Sunday morning in a city called Ocala, FL. 100 miles or so south of home.

 22 days ago  

I wonder if they use Java beans there as assuming from the name Java! How would you describe the taste?

Very coffee like. The Swiss Mocha is my fave. It Has a hint of chocolate.


 22 days ago  

Oh yeah, mocha used to be one of my favorite. It is a combination of espresso,chocolate, and milk! the cats look cute !

They said "Meow."

Loosely translated that is Kittenees for Thank You...

A Back of the Seat Driver 2020-07-08.jpg

 22 days ago  

I like talking about coffee probably more than I like drinking it.

haha! How's that can be possible ?! 🙃

You could make it all pretty in a special cup, throw in some ice, maybe a touch of some other things, um, well, I'll stop there, since you get the idea.

That's even better, just don't scald scorch yourself.

 22 days ago  

I hope you'll join in mate, and don't worry about whether the energy drink fits in or not. It's got coffee right? So works. I hope you'll get involved. Please read the guidelines though. 😊

I will try to do a serious write.

It may take some giphy sedetives.


 22 days ago  

Watch out for giphy-withdrawal symptoms.


They got a giphy for that...


 22 days ago  


 22 days ago  

you are a giphy master! is that yours, actually?..


But this one is...

A Hallie & Sammi Jo Play.gif

 22 days ago  

😻 sometimes i see scenes like this in real.

Yeah, it is truly a fantastic contest :)

 22 days ago  

I hope you'll get involved. Please read the guidelines though. 😊

Yea sure Galen, coffee is life
I learn the guidelines by heart 🤩🤩

The topic of cafe is a topic that is too interesting for everyone, our country is also a country of coffee, hopefully many of my friends will bring many good stories here. Thank @galenkp for creating this contest.

 22 days ago  

Please feel free to get involved. Please read the guidelines though. 😊

Yes, of course. I will join. thank you for your inviting me.

Mmhmm, coffee, latte, espresso - no cafe though. Did a staged shot once, the photos would fit.

Like the theme. Nice one G-dog! Good luck!!

 22 days ago  

I hope you'll get involved.

Not sure about 'involved', but I made it! Just before the deadline, nothing like a little pressure to get you going 😂

 17 days ago  

Beat the deadline! Thanks so much for getting involved in before the deadline! 😀✅

I did. And even without getting involved really - oops - that's not a good thing.

 11 days ago  

You should not get involved every week as it was good to have you around. 😀

Just get involved will ya!

Thank you. For being you and for being understanding. I really like making new friends and keeping them, but sometimes... things just get too much - sigh - but I'm trying 😀

 10 days ago  

Do what you can do, that'll be enough.

Great idea for a contest @galenkp, who doesn't have a story like this? I'll put my efforts into coming up with a fitting story for it.

@moon-city, got any good coffee stories you'd love to share? 😉

 22 days ago  

Thanks Nine, I look forward to your entry. Thanks for your support.

You're most welcome!

Nine! This is a very heartwarming topic. ❤
I used to go to coffee shops a lot before and I had a purple cappuccino (it was made out of taro). The color really threw me off at first but it tasted very good. I checked my photo gallery and sadly I could not find a photo 😔 😕.

Moon! Purple cappuccino??? Okay, that tops all the kinds I've ever had. I've eaten taro but never had it in coffee. I'll have to look for that online. 😂

Hahahha indeed. It was purple colored. I believe they use taro powder to get the color or taro extracts. First I had taro was in bubble tea. Apparently that same place makes taro donuts too (purple colored too LOL) but I sat out on that one

Taro's been a thing for a while. The colour would be good for marketing.

Yup thats how that specific place got the buzz around the city.

Oh yeah, there it is, same old, same old. 😂

Wow! I never knew about this community. The contest will bring light to it and also a great quality content too.

Now I will think with what I can come forward about coffee. 🤔

Blessed Sunday 🌷

 22 days ago  

I'm looking forward to your entry. Please follow the guidelines for eligibility.

Another contest is here, yes! I'll get started on my entry...

I'm spoiled for choice here. I can write about tea and chocolate drinks too?

Super! I mean, who does not like a cup of hot, steaming coffee? One of my favourite beverages in the world. the drink of the gods! 😄


 22 days ago  

We're looking forward to seeing your entry. Please follow the guidelines though. 😬

Sure, sure. Will do! 😬😄

Wow have there been a community like that? Contests sure have a way of letting people know how big Hive is with it's different communities.

I'll see what I can do to make an entry and win 😝 I've got to give a good shot at it.

Thanks to you @galenkp and to all the supporters to make this contest a success, all the best to the participants... I would love to read all the entries if I can, the posts would be in the community right?

 22 days ago  

I hope you join in. Make sure you follow the guidelines as we will only judging those who do.

Interesting, will gather my resources and join this.
Cheers (with coffee)!

@galenkp! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @tedus.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (3/10)

 22 days ago  

Great. Make sure you are familiar with the guidelines to be eligible.

Will do, thanks.

Damn T9 smartphone... I wrote #coffecontest rather than #coffeecontest. Post the link here too in case you don't see my entry 😊

 22 days ago  

Hmm, Those keyboards on smartphones are pretty frustrating huh?

the keyboard of my smartphone is set for the Italian language and coffee is written with a single e final. A little distraction and the damage is done😅

 22 days ago  

It should be ok. Don't stress.

thank you for your comprehension


Hey @galenkp, here is a little bit of BEER from @claudio83 for you. Enjoy it!

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I have not tried cold coffee, that one looks delicious. We always drink hot coffee here, despite the hot weather we don't drink that kind of coffee. I will have to look it up to prove it. It looks delicious @claudio83

Catch it @galenkp . I will go to the coffee shop and enjoy my day and be posted here . Now I know that there is a day to celebrate for coffee.

 22 days ago  


I will share how to make Arabic coffee.

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Hi, the topic of your post is very interesting and special

 22 days ago  

Thank you, I appreciate your nice comment.

I don't know of a coffee engagement reward but I do have some !WINE and get something up for this coffee community this week.

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That's great, @galenkp. I will definitely take part in.

 22 days ago  

Excellent, I was hoping you might. Please make sure you follow the guidelines.

I would try posting something if tho it's hard to find coffe shops over here,but atleast I would give it a try.Thanks so much for the contest

 22 days ago  

Worth a try. Make sure you follow the guidelines.

 22 days ago  

@galenkp, thanks a lot for hosting this; reblog and definitely I take a part in this.

 21 days ago  

Thanks for the reblog, I appreciate it.

Great, I just found out about this community two days ago and I really love it! I already posted my entrance for the contest, it's really amazing how the aroma of coffee can bring so many memories. It's great to see people coming together and sharing his experiences with this beverage ☕🤩

 21 days ago  

Thanks for entering, I will have a look at your post shortly.

I join this contest where we can all share our deepest experiences about those moments where coffee is the protagonist, inviting us to remember our life experiences. I invite you to read it. Coffee, my best vitamin.

 21 days ago  

Thanks for entering, I'll take a read.

Wooooow..... Surely, I'll join the contest. Thanks for the opportunity, sir ☺️

 21 days ago  

Great, I look forward to your entry.

Excuse me sir, can we use pictures from free sites and Source them if we can't get a hold of an original picture for our entries?

 19 days ago  

Yes you can, if sourced.

 21 days ago  

Thanks for entering. I'll have a look in a short while. :)

Thanks, I hope it doesn't disappoint you.

 21 days ago  

Thanks for entering.

I am addicted to coffee with milk and as you say @davidpena21, the one that is taken at home is much better.

thanks for the invitation to the contest

 21 days ago  

You're welcome and I hope you will enter.

Omg! This is so wonderful. I have lots of stories kept in my mind waiting to be published. I love coffee so much and this is indeed a great way to share with all of you my love for coffee. I’m still thinking what to post amongst all ideas I have in mind. Hehe.

 21 days ago  

I'm looking forward to seeing your entry, I'm sure it will be great.

I would love to join this wonderful contest, coffee is really part of my life and I have many stories to tell about the delight of a cup of coffee to unite hearts.

 21 days ago  

I hope you join in, it's open to all.

Thank you @galenkp for the contest, I actually took a break from work and make a coffee for myself, and wrote a quick article. Take a break have a coffee.

I loved that little coffee maker friend @lexansky, are you going to have to tell us where you bought it?

I bought it from China actually lol, initially thought was too small but now you mentioned it's actually quite cute

I hope I can help my friend's coffee shop with this article this article

 20 days ago  

Thanks for your entry. Looks really good!

You changed the rum drink for the coffee drink haha ​​that good !! In the same way, the coffee served as a stimulant to the occasion @virgi2001.

incredible contest, here I share my entry, I hope you can read my publication and give me your support

 20 days ago  

Thank you, I saw your great entry. ✅

One more of the clan, the coffee addicts are more.

This is most excellent! Who doesn't love coffee? Or Tea? Or Hot Chocolate! Think up a story! Make up a story!

Where is the back of the line to get in on the action??

Point me in the right direction!

 20 days ago  

Lol...I know right? No story? MAKE ONE UP! It's not so hard.

I hope you'll enter.

I will read the rules and I promise to write a story for this one although I'm going to give him my love story sometime because I have it in my head and I just didn't have the time to write one. Oh I've got a line of them for you. I want to hear how that interview goes!Good luck!

 20 days ago  

I just finished the interview...Was an hour. I'll let you know. :)

Nothing yet? Don't they know I am waiting?

 16 days ago  

Lol...Nah no word yet. We'll see. I'm having doubts about the job anyway. I should know in the coming days I guess. May need to interview again.

Here is my entry for the posting contest

Thanks to the supporters of this contest and all the best to the participants.

 20 days ago  

Thanks for much for entering.

How exciting! This is my entry. I look forward to reading everyone else's once I have had a little sleep at long last.

Thank you to any to take the time to read it and good luck to everyone participating! It's wonderful just to have people reading my work.

This seems like it's going to be fun and eventful.

I would love to participate in this.😋

Posted via

 20 days ago  

You can. Just read the guidelines for eligibility.

Okay, Thanks for the guide.

Posted via

 20 days ago (edited) 

Very good competition, you will have to think about what post to make me? There are many variations, but you need to choose one direction and write about coffee. Thanks to @galenkp for organizing the competition and the Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community for the opportunity to participate in this competition. Reblog and upvote 100%.

 19 days ago  

Thanks for the reblog, I appreciate it.

Glad I found this on time, I will surely say a thing about coffee. I'm in

 19 days ago  

Ok, good. Please follow the guidelines for eligibility.


Your post is interesting, we have selected it to be presented to

Your post will be reblogged on @Target-Post, in order to increase its notoriety and be boosted (visibility, reading, comments and rewards).

#FR : Votre post est intéressant, nous l’avons sélectionné pour être présenté à l’équipe INTERCOMMUNITY - HIVE - AFFILIATE,
Votre post sera rediffusé (reblog) sur @Target-Post afin d’augmenter sa notoriété et être boosté (visibilité, lecture, commentaire et récompenses).


I’m a little late to the party, but I’m gonna try my best to think of something good the post about coffee. ☕️

 19 days ago  

You're not late at all. Still a few days.

I am excited to join! Yayyy😍 I AM IN LOVE WITH COFFEE AND TEA.

 19 days ago  

Have a go, it should be a bit of fun at least.

I'm writing one now. I'm enjoying recalling cafe memories, coffee has always been a part of my life. Thank you for coming up with a fun contest like this!🎉💜

 19 days ago  

You're welcome, and I look forward to reading your posts.

Very interesting your post @jongcl, I realized several things. 1.- There are people who love coffee more than me. 2.- There is a coffee that looks like ice cream in a glass, and 3.- I am not the only one who eats cake with coffee with milk. That chocolate cake looks great with coffee with milk.

Awee thank you for visiting my blog @isabelpena 😘 I love the way how coffee connects me to the people dear to me like family and FRIENDS and how my alone time is better because of it!💜 Haha yes there is! Though the whipped cream is unhealthy but it's satisfyingly yummy, you should give it a try some time😍 YES TO COFFEE WITH MILK AND CAKE! ALWAYS🙌
Cheers to you~!☕️



Hi @galenkp , interesting contest. How about a post with something artistic inspired by coffee? Does it qualify for what you are looking for in this contest?

 19 days ago  

That would work provided it has a strong coffee-angle. You'll still need to meet the guidelines though, as you'll find in this post.

Of course. But it sounds interesting the exercise of how to mix art with these rules... let's see if I can come up with something....

I have two days...

Lemon Cinnamon Coffee ... the first time I tried cinnamon coffee I loved it and thought it was something you couldn't mix. But the lemon really leaves me in awe because it is something I can least think of binding. But I have to test to be able to tell if I like it or not. Thanks for sharing your coffee @antikus369

 18 days ago  

Yes. The combination of cinnamon, lemon and coffee is a classic!

My thought right now: "how can I win this"? 🤔🤔🤔

 19 days ago  

Write a post better than everyone else's and you'll win. 😀

There you go. Whipped up a post for you....

.... think it was because I was super fuelled by a coffee and an almond croissant...

 19 days ago  

I saw. A nice one too.

 19 days ago  

Thank you.

This is a really funny and remembering moment in my life and everything starts with the coffee!







@galenkp, you've been given LUV from @projectmamabg.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (2/4)

 19 days ago  

Sure does. Coffee is life. 😀

WOW! My cup of coffee! Expect one native coffee cafes from me guys! The place doesn't matter. It's what's inside the cup with that soothing aroma that matters most!

Hello community, here is my entry. I hope I have met all the guidelines of the contest

 18 days ago  

I saw it, thanks for getting involved.

My pleasure friend


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This is and coffee shops are always a fav thing.
this is my entry...
All the best for everyone. Waiting to read about coffee moments.

 18 days ago  

Thanks for your entry.

Hello friends, here is my post . From the coffee, much success to all participants 🤗😘😊.☕️💕

 18 days ago  

Thank you.

It's funny how coffee flows through our lives and is such an integral part of many of our lives. Sometimes, we almost don't think about it. Thank you for the contest. This is my entry:

 18 days ago  

Thanks for your entry.

Hello everyone, a pleasure to participate in this contest, what a great initiative, success and good luck to all.

 18 days ago  

Great, thanks for your entry.