Fishing and An Unplanned Solo Date by the Coffee Shop and Mall

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Yaki Imo (Baked Sweet Potato)Brûlée
(One of the autumn specials at Starbucks)

Solo Date by the pier and shopping mall in Kobe, Japan.

If you read just a part of the title, ”Fishing and An Unplanned Solo Date…”, you’d probably wonder what it has to do with this coffee community. Haha! I’d wonder the same.

When huzzy has work (on the weekend), I usually spend my Saturdays making breakfast and lunch, sending the kids off to the pool, having dinner ready by the time they get back. This Saturday, we were all off. The kids were on a pool break and huzzy didn’t have to work. I love Saturdays like those . That’s when I work “off schedule” a bit and “get some time for myself”. I thought about chilling a bit at home with some books I’ve wanted to read. The boys (sons and huzzy) invited me to go fishing. I felt a bit reluctant to go but thought driving out would be refreshing. I hurried to get ready and grabbed one of my books so I could leave with them.
I go fishing with them at times but it was my first time to this particular fishing location. Soon after we got there, I realized it was just next door a big shopping outlet. Right there and then I knew I wouldn’t be fishing for long. I waited until the boys set up their lines and then off I went for a solo date.


My Yaki Imo Brûlée Special

My Solo Date at the Mall

I got to the mall, looked around a bit and spotted Starbucks. I thought it would be a good place to chilax. When I got there, it was still closed. I had to wait for about fifteen minutes for opening time. I ordered a yaki imo brûlée and instead of reading my book, I browsed through Peakd.
The drink was tasty. There was a good balance of potato and brûlée flavors. I wish I could have finished the cup but it was a bit too sweet. I had a little more than half. It was however refreshing.

Wall Photos

I took some snaps of the coffee photos they had on the wall. While doing that, it dawned on me that it was my second time at Starbucks in a week. I had gone there(a different location)with a friend and had used a gift card that I received for my birthday some months ago. I also took snaps of the coffee photos and brochures they had there.

Wall Photos and brochures

Walking Around the Mall

Ofcourse having time for myself meant I had to do more than have a drink. I took some time to walk around the mall. It was by a pier and so it was quite scenic and cool. I found either Nemo or one his relatives. Somehow it didn’t look too happy but I took a selfie anyway. I also spotted a display boat with”Kobe” on it.
Just a little walk further and I saw a part the Akashi Bridge (the longest suspension bridge in the world),some actual boats and maybe yachts.





Outlet Shops

There were many shops. I browsed through a few, took some photos outside and made a stop by Franc Franc to look at some coffee and tea equipment, cups, mugs and tumblers. They had some lovely sets and some cups with little coffee instructions or phrases. “Fishing” was more interesting than I thought. Lol!


Inside Franc Franc

I could have easily spent a longer time in Franc Franc. I saw so many cups and tumblers that I liked. They had such lovely items there.
I remembered that it was almost lunch time and so I cashed a few items and headed out to get lunch for the boys.












Lunch From A Food Truck

Though many restaurants were around, there were several food trucks as well. I was drawn to a Hawaiian one. 🌺 It was pretty small but carried a delectable menu.
I got guava juice, pineapple juice, some pineapple slices, loco mocho lunch set and garlic shrimp lunch set. Just a few minutes before collecting the items I ordered, I got a message from the boys that they had done fishing. The timing worked out well. We met up,went to the car, snacked on the pineapple slices, then had the rest of food (lunch) when we got home.







The boys had a small catch but it worked out well for dinner. They caught about ten of the same fish. Huzzy carefully cleaned and fried them. The type they caught had poison in the fins. They had to be careful throughout the process, especially when removing the fish from the hook and when cleaning them.


I can’t say fishing was fun but I really enjoyed my solo date and dinner was delicious.
What if you were in my shoes, would you have gone fishing or would you have headed to the mall?

Thank you for reading this post. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 😃

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Hey there!
They do everything differently in Japan it seems, and it looks more exciting.
Taking a stroll, coffee, and being surrounded by all things coffee sounds rather more interesting than going fishing to me... so yes, I think you made a good decision.
I love the seasonal flavours that Starbucks does, and potato and brûlée sounds interesting... Shame about the sweetness though, that would have given me a headache.

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😃Hi. I hope you’re having a great weekend. Yes, apparently Japan puts their own twist on their items. I love seeing their specials too. They have some interesting combinations. I loved the flavor of the potato and brûlée but if it were far less sweet, it would have been perfect. Had I forced myself to finish it, I would have probably had a headache too. Though that was the case, somehow the quantity I had was refreshing. I guess that the time alone meant so much that not even a sweet drink could have spoiled it. 😂
Yes, I’m happy about the decision. Fishing was a no-no. Hehe!
Loving your stickers.😃

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Sometimes a solo date with a good book is the best thing a person can do.

coffee first, schemes later

That's so clever. I love that.


😃You’re so right. It is relaxing and is sometimes just what’s needed.
Haha! Coffee first eh. I loved it too.
You too, have a superfragilisticexplialidocius rest of the weekend. 😅I thought I was able to spell that word in one go.

That is quite some fishing trip you went on ! LOL !

I use to love to fish, but haven't done that in a very long time. These days I would definitely choose your shopping excursion instead. I will say that fish cooked and eaten the day it is caught has a much better flavor than even a day old, or that is what I found here in the past.

That sweet potato drink sounds good in theory. The pumpkin spice has been popular in the fall here, but like you found on yours, although the flavor is a little happy, it is so overly sweet I would never order one again. I am a total sugar addict, so if I think something is too sweet, you can rest assured it is cloyingly sweet.

I like all the different cup varieties. I have never seen the cup carrying handle that looks a bit like a purse handle. What will they think of next ?!

Love your selfies with your amazingly happy smile.

Haha! What a fishing trip it was!
I had just grabbed some clothes and a hat. Had I known how fun “fishing”would have been…lol!!I could have dressed it up a bit. Oh how I enjoyed it.
I have a lot to learn about fishing. I hardly eat fish but appreciate my boys’ catch.

The pumpkin brûlée is an interesting combination. Pumpkin spice is out now here as well. Yes, it’s just too much sugar in a cup. After a while, everything in me said, “That’s enough”.

I really loved the cup with the handle, especially the polka dot one. Interesting creation and concept eh.

😃Thanks re the selfies. It’s something I need to get better at as I do more solo dates. Hah! You should have seen how awkward I looked just trying to get a shot with Nemo and Kobe in the background.😆
Thanks always for stopping by and have a great week.🎶

Wow, looks like you had a great day! Glad everyone had fun over the weekend :) I haven't tried fishing, but I would have chosen to go on a solo date too. LOL! The food truck looks so cool! I would have tried that too :) Happy week ahead!

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😃Thank you. I have tried fishing just a few times. I wouldn’t say it’s my kind of thing especially after that solo date. Hehe!
The Hawaiian food truck had a tropical vibe. Happy you’d have made those choices as well. Have a great week.🎶

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Thank you so much @appreciator. I appreciate it. 😃

“Right there and then I knew I wouldn’t be fishing for long.”

Woiii I can imagine, I think you made the right choice. I’m surprised that you can take home the fish, was it out by the pier they fished? Or a controlled setting?

That sweet potato drink, I was looking at it just now but passed as I figured it would be super sweet. I just came from the outlets mall myself 😂

Lol! That was fishing for me.
They fished next door the pier, very close in terms of an eye view but good little distance by foot and borders. It’s an area where many gather to fish.

Mi seh! That potato special… sugar nuh sweet soh. 😂😆Flavors on point but no man. I wonder if mine got a bit too much sugar.

You just came from the outlet stores? Lol Plan sounds similar man. You went fishing afterwards? 😜

Hahahaa I am a pretty chatty type, unless I'm reading, so I would've gone strolling around the mall myself.

Oh and those cups and saucers looking like shells are dreamy 😍.

Haha! I feel like I made the right decision then. I was really in for the stroll.
Yes! Those shell cup and saucers are cute. I was wondering which color I'd have chosen. I liked that there's a fitted slot for the cup and space for treats on the saucer. I'd probably need to re-fill the cup twice though. Lol!

I think I would've gone for the blue 😅.

I still can’t decide. 😅

Oh well, next time hihihi and hopefully all options are still there or maybe a better one where you'll instantly know you want that one.

Yes. Lol! I really love the concept of the shell. 😃