Chilling Out

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The temperatures are rising. It’s rainy season in Japan and it’s been humid. As I write or maybe I should say, “type this article”, I’m chilling on a supermarket stool, away from the heat, awaiting my kids.
It makes sense to cool out indoors.

Polish Pottery

Just a few weeks ago, I visited a friend. We chit-chatted over two lovely cups of chai, some noodles and some salad. As she poured from her beautiful polish teapot, the aroma of the spices, forced me to close my eyes and “take it all in”.
I wasn’t only in love with the chai but also the beautiful teapot and plates that we used. It was a warm, lovely way to chill and chat. We had more cups afterwards.

Earlier this week, I passed by a vending machine and saw a beverage with the name “chill out”. I smiled a bit as it reminded me that in life we need to take time…time to relax, time to unwind, time to “chill”. I chuckled as I also thought that the current humidity in itself is a perfect reminder for us to have a cool drink to beat the heat. I’ve never had the drink “chill out”, but felt inspired to make it the title of this post.
Everyone probably needs to chill out…whether chilling with a friend, with food or with a drink.


How do you chill out (relax)?
What drink or food do you like to chill with?

Thank you for reading my post. Have a great day and a lovely weekend. 😃



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 2 months ago  

I like the Polish Pottery. Very nice. I usually "chill out" with an iced coffee or beer depending on the time of day. Sometimes and iced tea as well.

😃Thanks for stopping by. I now like polish pottery as well. I wasn’t familiar with it before visiting my friend. They’re really beautiful. Thanks for sharing what you chill out with. You’re right, it depends on the time of day eh. I usually chill out with some warm tea but recently opted for a mango smoothie. It was early afternoon, very hot and I was in for a chill. Lol!


 2 months ago  

The mango smoothy looks amazing. Looks very fresh

😃Thanks. It was refreshing.

The first picture is a winner.

😃Thanks. Imagine getting some delicious warm chai from that teapot.

 2 months ago  

Hello @fruityfruitz
The pottery is attractive. I wouldn't want to be the one assigned to wash it in case I'd chip it or break it, but I'd like to pour a nice cuppa from it.
I chill out in different ways, coffee most times, or a glass of wine is always good too.
Thanks for stopping by,
Have a nice day:))

😃Hi @millycf1976. I wouldn’t want to be the one to wash it either. This is the definition of “Handle with care”. Lol!
I’d even be careful with pouring from it.Thanks for sharing how you chill out. Have a great day too. 🎶

 2 months ago  

Yeah, there were some good posts, heh-2.jpg

Wow! Nice sticker. 😃🎶

 2 months ago  

Thanks 😊