What I Usually Drink In The WeekDays & Some Classic Japanese Cars!

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Greetings Coffee Lovers! How's it brewing?

Today I will share what my normal coffee day looks like, on the go, as well as an "errand" I had to run for a friend which includes some classic Japanese cars.

Like clockwork, every weekday morning and evening I buy a cup of coffee from one of two convenient stores, Lawsons or Seven Eleven ( mainly Lawsons).
At 100 Yen ( today's rate, around $.88 ) a cup, in a 52.1240 week calendar year, that is around 52,149 yen ( $458.16 ). Not good, not bad but it is what it is, right?

On Monday I went to Seven to grab a cup of Killamnjaro coffee after work. It was a long and hectic day that was not even finished yet as I had a part-time gig to do in the late evening. The Kilimanjaro is more expensive than the regular blend at seven Eleven, but believe me when I tell you, they both taste really good, though they come out of a coffee machine.


Above is the type of coffee machine which can now be found in most if not all convenient stores across Japan. This trend only started around 7 years ago believe it or not. And now, Coffee is one of the top sellers for most convinis here. In the States, I would dread buying coffee from a convenient store, but not here in Japan. There are things you have to look out for though when choosing the store you are gonna grab some coffee from. I have found that when a new Seven Eleven opens up, the coffee is really good, also when it is in a low traffic location. Why? Cleaning and maintenance of the machine. Going to a high traffic convenient store with staff that don't get a chance to clean the machine usually spells an inferior cup of, what usually is a great tasting coffee.



Added a little milk and a half sachet of sugar.

The Gift From A Co-Worker

I received a pack of one of my favorite Japanese snacks called Nambu Sembei from a coworker. She heard me talking about it and brought me a pack the following week. Really appreciate her, these snacks are not the easiest to find. They are basically hard cookies made with peanuts, they aren't too sweet either. Give Thanks for gifts!


They made the perfect combination with my Kilimanjaro Coffee. I had planned to just eat a few but they were so crunchy and tasty I just downed to entire bad 😄. I tried to resist but on a long journey, resistance is futile.


Here is what the Nambu Sembie looks like. They are a decent size but this specific brand was very light. That night, when I went home I skipped dinner and just had soup. One thought about the Nambu Sembie is that it reminds me of something that used to be sold in Jamaica back in the days, I can vaguely remember it though.


Car Search For My Friend In the U.S.

On the way to my part-time gig, I stopped by a car shop to enquire about a car that my friend saw here a few years ago. He visited me from Saudi Arabia in 2018 and we stopped here to take some pics. Now that he has moved back to the U.S. he wanted to get hold of a classic Skyline to add to his collection. Unfortunately, the car was already sold, but I did take a few pics to show him what was on the lot.


The car he wanted from the lot



The cars that were presently on the lot







Well, the car he wanted was no longer there, and I went on my way to work. The cup of coffee and Sembie made the long journey a little more pleasant, that along with some good ole reggae tunes with a hit of the latest crypto news ( YouTube videos).I hope you enjoyed the coffee and the classic Japanese cars. Fulljoy the rest of the brewing week.

- Can you name any of the other cars in this post?

- What is the convenient store coffee like in your block of the world?

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 4 months ago  

Hello @dmilliz,
What cool classics, heh?
Yes, Seven-Eleven and Lawsons are on a different level there in Japan. The freshness and range of sandwiches and coffee are amazing.
I actually reflect on some of the awesome thatings I discovered there. Going back to Seven Eleven in the Philippines was a disappointment.
Thanks for stopping by, great to get the usual Japan-Coffee Update and more :)

The cars are really cool but I definitely prefer the newer ones 😆!

For real, makes the others around the world look unmaintained corner shop. The only thing g is the convenient store can be a devil eeh? Go in there to buy one thing and end up with extra of your are t careful. All those sweets too.

Thanks for having me. 😀

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 4 months ago  

Always a pleasure:)

Convenient store coffee sounds like a great business idea, if in fact the owner keeps maintenance up. I don't see that happening here, which is why the only coffee convenient stores sell is the instant kind in a jar which you take home to make yourself.

Can't name any of those car, but they all look real cool. Something about that style and build.


It makes sense, even Macdonald’s stepped up their hand to compete but their coffee sucks!

😂 they shouldn’t even bother selling coffee. I bring the instant to work sometimes though. You never know, it might be a good business supplying the machines and the coffee ☕️ itself.

Same here, well I know the four car pick has a skyline se one from the left but not the rest.

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Japanese cars is the best! I had nissan primera 98'😀 engine is the best!😀

That’s a nice car bro! You are right, nothing more reliable than a Japanese car. Thanks for the tipu bro 😎

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 4 months ago  

Hello @dmilliz,

We're Looking forward to seeing you soon;-)
Have a great day!

Arigatou Itsumo!

 4 months ago  

😊 haha! My Japanese is so rusty🤣
I know what I wanna say in my head, but cannot figure out the spelling 😆

I waiting for blu mountain coffee😀

Bro I’m waiting too 😂 rona got the shipping messed up.

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It really doesn't seem expensive considering it's coffee, the price is totally worth it.

True dat, but it does add up, but hey, gotta live! It is probably cheaper than buying beans and brewing it at home.

Right 💪

perfect snack to go with the coffee

It surely is :)

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