Stopped by “826 Food Truck” to grab some Coffee & Convo

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Bless up New Year! Hope you have been having a great holiday with good coffee ☕️.

On January 2nd, I went to a local temple to take some pics and to go for a walk, as health is at the top of my goals this year. Why? Well appart from the obvious being in shape and feeling great, it’s the one thing that will make others fall into place.

On the way to the temple I spotted the “826 food truck” and decided I’d stop by for a cup of coffee on the way back. Here are some of the pics I took at the temple.


After purchasing a cup of coffee I went ahead and did what any HIVER that knows about the “Cinnamon Cup Coffee” community would do, take good pics. Well maybe some Instagramers would do the same but they wouldn’t be earning crypto.


Talking to the young men that were running the shop, the guy on the left is the owner( along with his parents) and the guy on the right is his good friend helping him out. They both have aspirations to be professional soccer players but also business men.

The owner graduated from a prominent university in Japan and majored in economics ( no wonder he didn’t go work at a company and instead started a business). Interestingly, the guy on the right speaks a bit of English as he lived in the UK. The owner gave the truck the name “826” as it is the town code for where he grew up. It reminded me of “876”, the Jamaican area code; where I grew up.


The food truck’s main thing is curry, but they also have gluten free donuts and of course coffee. While the coffee wasn’t anything special it did have a proper taste. A fruity-sour taste at that. It wasn’t a bad blend at all. The cost, an expected ¥450 ( roughly $3.50 ).


On the same block of land that the food truck is parked, there is also an ice-cream shop, owned by the same family. What an entrepreneurial bunch. They chose the prefect location as this spot is infamous for cherry blossom viewing in the spring and is a popular walking spot all year round as it is by a stream.


The food truck was custom built by a family factory and that’s why it looks really unique compared to other trucks I’ve seen around. The land was also suggested by a family friend/ city official. Contacts go a long way in business no matter where you are.


After a good conversation with these dudes and wishing them luck, I was on my way with my half cup of coffee which was no longer hot as the weather was chilly. But it still had that fruity taste and kick to it.

Cheers coffee lovers, may you have some good cups and convos this year.

826 Food Truck google info:
Located in Ota Gunma, Japan

 4 months ago  

Hello @dmilliz,

We're Looking forward to seeing you soon;-)
Have a great day!

Thanks for the curation and meaningful engagement! It is much appreciated.

 4 months ago  

You're most welcome:) The pleasure is mine😊

 4 months ago  

If there’s one thing I’d swap Narrowboat life for it would be to spend some solid time in Japan again. Loved this post. The coffee truck reminded me of my mate @vanbliss and his horse trailer coffee shop! If we ever get back to Japan we will be sure and give you a shout!

Horse trailer coffee shop sounds very interesting. Unique ideas like that grab attention and word of mouth.

Yeh, you know Japan is a great place, especially if you are working in a field your passionate about. But is always great if your just visiting, so much to see and do. Definitely give me a shout. Thanks for the feedback on my post.

 4 months ago  

Love the sunny photos bro. Seems a little unusual for them to be aspiring to be full time footballers. I remember Japan had a descent team in one of the world cups, beating some more established teams.

I took the sunny day for granted but I guess you being in the Uk, it’s very noticeable. I found it unusual too but now I remember one of them saying if not pro-players, something involving football to live off. I guess he could always find someone to manage the truck.

If you consider that there are many oddities in cooking in Japan, for example, candy flavored with vegetables, or something that is difficult to imagine candy, and not fruit, then fruity coffee does not seem so strange).

You know it kinda reminded of blue mountain coffee from Jamaica as it does have a fruity taste. But indeed, they do have some strange candy here 😆

I have not tried Jamaican coffee, but I think it is no worse than the Lavazza ORO, which I am drinking at the moment).

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Food trucks are awesome. I can't go to Japan now, I'm about 3 or 4 long weekend trips behind from my usual 1~2 a year. Very jealous.

I'm thinking of starting a food truck myself. Restaurants are becoming outdated.

Well, I wanna leave to visit home but it seems like an obstacle course and a puzzle. Hopefully the metaverse can solve that 😆.

All the best in the nee year! Say hi to your bro.

The truck's a good idea. Hope to hear more about it. Getting more popular everywhere.

I bought an occulus and hang out with my bro an a couple other friends playing vr golf and maybe some fishing.

All the best to you, too.

 4 months ago  

Hello @dmilliz,
Thanks for taking the time to capture great photos, that's always appreciated, in this community especially because it makes everything more tempting:)

Well maybe some Instagramers would do the same but they wouldn’t be earning crypto.

That is true indeed. IG is a waste of sharing your great photos, when you can write and earn on a meaning platform like this one.

The temples seem busy as usual, and what a great find of a truck that sells curry, donuts, and coffee. The truck is bigger than normal coffee trucks but I understand that since it's custom built. The 826 caught my eyes for the same reason too:)

Lovely to see you here, and Happy 2022!

Hi there, Happy New Year!
I hope the holidays have been good to you.

Taking photos is one of my more relaxing hobbies so it goes hand in hand with walking and blogging :) I purposely put the guys as the cover to grab female attention… well… 😆

Oh yes, especially during the New year. Everybody come for the blessings as you know. I like the festival food stalls, especially like how summer festivals nah keep again.

I’m really thinking of starting one of these food trucks, tired of working for the samurai 😂, need a new life. I’d probably call it irie876 jerk as my website is irie876.

All the best in the new rotation of the sun! Guidance & protection!

 4 months ago  

😊 Thanks for your warm messages of good wishes.
I am not surprised that taking photos in Japan is a pleasurable hobby, as there is just so much to see on every corners of all streets in Japan.
I would strongly urge you to consider the food truck, as it could be a viable business for locals and tourists alike.

That is true, so much to snap. But being out of Jamaica for so long I realize Jamaica has so much to snap as well.

Definitely looking into it cause I’m ready for a change.

Blessings fi di new year, find a new gear.

 4 months ago  

Yeah! Tell me about the changes there must be in Jamaica! Coming up to 8 years now. I'll need a tour guide when I go back🤣

Reverse culture shock is gonna be a b@&¥! 😆

 4 months ago  

I have no doubt of that 😆
It's a little scary really :)


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