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Welcome to Coffee Conversation Central, a curation compilation of comments from our recent Coffee Conversation event that was held here at Cinnamon Cup Coffee, to boost interaction amongst authors.

A fun topic was presented, to get authors thinking about their favourite elixir of life - coffee.

Are you a dawn or dusk coffee drinker? Why?

Well, here are some of the best thought-provoking responses.

@simplifylife says I am a dawn coffee drinker

I will turn into a vampire or anything if I drink coffee in the evening. No, I do drink my fair share of coffee in the evenings too especially when I'm out with my wife or meeting friends. The mere thought of morning coffee takes me back to my early years in med school. Classes used to start early in the morning. It was hard enough to get up as is, but I'd still make myself get up 30 minutes earlier than I needed to, just so I can make myself a nice cup of fancy coffee. It was like that whole process of making the coffee and enjoying sipping into the cup standing out on the 7th-floor balcony that watched over the lake while the rest of the campus slept - it was my time of the day!

@valeriavalentina says the properties of the coffee can be better enjoyed in the morning.

I can drink coffee at different times of the day, but I usually prefer to drink it in the morning so I can start being active early. I also think that coffee tends to go down better in the morning, so I find it more convenient to drink it at that time of the day. Sometimes when I drink coffee (depending on the quantity) I get a little accelerated, so that is another reason for choosing to drink it in the morning and not in the afternoon or at night.

@coquicoin says I find that coffee at dusk is very pleasant, but...

The first coffee in the morning is not only a pleasure but a necessity. I remember when my son was going to school and I had to get up early. I always tried to wake up a little before the hustle and bustle of the morning started to enjoy that first coffee quietly. And these days I have a companion when I want to have that little cup of coffee on the balcony, hehe

@mdosev says dusk till dawn and dawn till dusk

Sometimes you will feel a boost in the early morning when you have your first cup of coffee. In my case, it is only a tasty companion for the time when I’m waking up and my body prepares to start moving through the day. Sometimes when I’m bored I also tend to go and pull a shot from my espresso machine. It’s great! Generally, it’s a tasty companion that can be enjoyed from dusk till dawn and dawn till dusk!

@riz611 says coffee for me has no limits, nor "timing"

But, I do prefer my coffee sessions around 7 PM to 8 PM. Whether it be work or a bit of relaxation, coffee gets the job around this time. Now, if we're talking about setting the mood late at night, starting with some flirty chit chat; then sharing a cup of coffee with my wife from around 10 PM to 12 PM can never go wrong. Funny, she and I just went out for a cup of coffee at around 10 PM... Late coffee is becoming more common here in Dhaka, that's why some cafes stay open till 1 AM even.

@chacald.dcymt says coffee first thing in the morning is more of a law than a taste

If I get out of bed and I don't have my coffee, my day falls apart. But if we talk about which cup of coffee I enjoy the most? I can assure you that the cup I drink in the afternoon when we gather on the balcony to watch how the horizon swallows the sun and it disappears leaving rays of light of different shades over the mountains. That coffee at that time tastes like a sunset.

@lileisabel says a cup at any time always comes in handy

In the evening, after dinner, that coffee for me is special, because it is the time when we all get together at home and accompanied by that coffee we do the summary of the day, it is renewing.

@deraaa says it's almost noon but I've been feeling anxious lately.

... At night when my emotions are on the loose, or even moments of pain, where some would drink alcohol, I take a strong cup of black coffee. It helps me. So, I don't have a specific time. When I need it, I reach for it.

This initiative turned out to be a fun and productive event for the community, as the authors showed a considerable amount of pride and effort in sharing their thoughts.

We are pleased that the authors took the time to participate, as engagement is one guaranteed way of building relationships on the Blockchain.

A massive thank you to everyone who got involved.

If you missed this opportunity, please keep a key eye out for some regular events held here at Cinnamon Cup Coffee.

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I really liked the interaction, I had never participated before, it was very interesting, I hope to be able to participate in the next ones. Congratulations to all ❤️

Thank you for the mention. I love these coffee conversations 😍☕️
Looking forward to the next one. Happy week to all of you, coffee lovers 😊

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It's always nice to have you participate:)