R.I.P. Midnight / Gorgeous 😢

My cat died. He was at least seventeen years old, maybe more, which is quite advanced in cat years. No one knows how old he actually was, as he was in a "rescue" situation long ago. The woman who took him in and became his owner caregiver looked after him for many years until she died. The cat then became the charge of my sister-in-law (late-husband's sister) for a time. He came to my home about two-and-a-half years ago.

Except for a "kitty cold" that gave him sneezes and a runny nose for a week or so, he has been in good health, all in all, since he has been here. However, almost a week ago, he went downhill very rapidly. He lost interest in going outdoors, which was always one of his favorite things. He started spending his time curled-up in a large cardboard box I keep for paper to be recycled (old newspaper, user manuals for old appliances, etc.). He lost interest in going to his litter box and started relieving himself in the box of papers where he slept. Every time he got up to eat or drink, I would check the box and dispose of the top layers of papers on the side where he did his business. I tried giving him some different foods, lots of fresh cream, and hoping he would bounce back, but to no avail.

On Thursday morning, June 30th, he went to the back door by himself again for the first time since his downhill decline. I was hoping some fresh air and sunshine might help him recover. In the back of my mind, though, I wondered if he wanted to go out for one last 'hurrah' of sorts. Turns out, that's what it was, and he wanted to go to his 'happy place' to pass to the next world.

The woman who rescued him named him Midnight, obviously due to the darkness of his coat. She cared for him many years until her own health began failing. She had quite a number of health issues near the end of her life, most notable among them were cancer and Renal Failure. When she passed away, my late-husband's sister assumed his care. She began to call him "Gorgeous" instead of Midnight because he was, indeed, such a gorgeous kitty. So, we gradually began to transition his name. He didn't care what we called him, as long as he was fed. I also had little nicknames for him, such as "Outdoor Cat," since that is where he preferred spending most of his time. After coming inside to eat, he would sometimes return to the back door and perch on the arm of the recliner, ready to 'launch' himself outside again like a rocket, so "Rocket Cat" became another nickname. 😂

His breed was Turkish Angora. A characteristic of that breed is a chestnut-colored undertone to the fur closest to the skin. Over time, that color can become predominant in patches throughout the coat, leading to bands and splotches of bronze intermixed with the black, such as exhibited in the below photo. At those times, "Chocolate Cat" or "Color Cat" were more appropriate nicknames. It was fascinating to observe the changes in color over time, from black to bronze and back again. I never quite figured out whether the changes were due to his time outdoors, his diet, the state of his overall health, or some other factor.

Regardless of the color of his coat at any given time, it was always very thick and soft. Or "floofy" as one of my girlfriends likes to describe it. His long fur did require frequent attention to keep it manageable. Sometimes when I brushed him, it almost seemed like enough loose fur was collected that I could build a second cat from it. 😂

He was a kitty that loved chicken, and I often bought a big piece of chicken from the deli inside my local market and shared it with him. He liked Chicken Salad, too, with a bit of mayo, itty bits of diced pickle relish, and seasonings. He loved spicy Cajun Chicken, too, as I learned when I shared a bit of chicken from my Spicy Chicken Sandwich with him! He enjoyed the occasional beef meatball, although he seemed to prefer chicken over beef. He also liked bits of egg omelettes, even if I put oregano and other seasonings in them. He also liked drinking the juice from cans of black olives, and it seemed to help him when he had small bouts of digestive distress. Of course, he loved his fresh cream (actually 'half-and-half' like I use in my coffee) or melty ice cream in a little dish.

He liked scritches behind the ears and on top of his little head, places he could not reach so easily. Due to his age, though, he didn't really "play" very often, like a younger cat would do. He was very chill most of the time, like a wise, old Buddha that took things in stride. His energy harmonized well with mine, as I am not a very loud person and definitely not so active as I was in my younger days.

One of the most endearing things he did was the way he twitched his tail. His tail didn't usually move when he was asleep — although it sometimes did! — but was often in motion when he was awake, even when he was eating! I took two photos of him with my cellphone and meshed them into a single animated GIF image, which I like watching, especially since he's no longer here to do it for me, himself.

One day earlier this year, I stepped outside onto the concrete patio behind the house and heard Mr.Cat meowing behind and above me. I turned to see him standing on the roof of the house, looking down at me! 😮 Surely, he had gotten up there and became stuck, unable to make his way back down. I spent the better part of an hour trying to coax him down in various ways, but to no avail. I was finally left with no alternative but to go inside and wait to see if he could find his own way down again.

Sure enough, only a little more time passed before he was at the back door, announcing his desire to come in and eat. I tried to keep my eye on "Roof Cat" and discovered his climbing route. There is a fig tree behind the house with many branches, one of which makes a nice little "ramp" leading straight to the edge of the roof. The roof then became his new "Happy Place" where he could survey his demesne. I made a very short video with my cellphone, which you can watch, below.

• video by me •

When the leaves returned to the trees, I made another video, thinking it would be "prettier" with the greenery. However, the leaves rather obscure the view of his climbing, but it is certainly is prettier!

• video by me •

So, he was in his "Happy Place" on the roof when he passed, which was a beautiful thing for him. It certainly made my work more difficult in getting to him. I won't go into the gory details of the story, but suffice it to say that it was a dicey and unsettling string of events.

So, Rest in Peace, Midnight/Gorgeous, wherever you are. I hope you realize how loved you were and how much joy you brought to the lives of several women! You will be missed! ❤️


banner made by me with a free clipart image from PNGio.com




I understand your loss.
I lost my grey Tabby 'Runt' just recent in May when he was hit by a car according to the Vet, we reluctantly had to put him down. He was still young at a little over 4 years with street smarts and an awesome mouser.
You will still have great memories of Midnight @thekittygirl

I have been keeping an eye out to see if he did indeed decide that the top of the world was the right place to take a long nap before his next adventure. Seems fitting for him. I'm so sorry that you'll be moving on without him now, but what a gift to come this far with him at your side! Thinking about you~ as a pet guardian, it always gets easier, but never easy. Rocket cat, somewhere out there in the stars waiting for you 🖤

So fluffy! Will be missed I'm sure. Love the hidey spot on the roof, I have one that likes to do something similar except she goes up from the deck and jumps to the tree then back to the roof.😇🤗

I feel very sad as she passed away.
I hope you will surely overcome from the sadness.
I can remember ,we had a pet not cat, not a hog, it was a mongoose.We had a hard time to overcome its death.

He must have known his time was up, and choose his happy place. Perhaps he felt nearer to his two previous owners on the rooftop. Though it must have been very stressful for you to find out and reach to him.

Hold on tight to your happy memories with him, and the GIF!!

I am sorry for your loss, and I am sure "Rocket Cat" is now happy where it is.

Cats (and animals in general) definitely belong to family, and it is always a hard time when they decide to leave us for new horizons where we cannot follow them. Mine, who became later my mom's cat when I left Belgium, decided to leave us right before the pandemic at roughly the same age as yours. 17 years add up to being quite a full life for a cat, that I guess it has been a happy life with you (of which you will hopefully keep a lot of memories).

Take care!

He's such a cute and fluffy fellow. He will be missed..
Glad you finally found him but so sad you had to go through some difficulty to get him.
His memories live on, especially the cute GIF

I am so sorry!
My heart goes out to you, sis.
He will be missed, but you have your memories that will tide you through.
Hugs and kisses, sis.

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So sorry for your loss @thekittygirl they are part of the Family......
Every time I say no more, but what would a home be without our furry friends (children)!😀

Sorry for your loss.

My girl just got a new puppy today.

I am so sorry @thekittygirl , for your loss. Our pets are so much a part of the family. He had a nice long life, and a good string of humans who loved him. RIP Midnight! !LADY

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What a wonderful tribute to Midnight... It made me feel like I knew him, as well.


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He was at least seventeen years old

I never heard cat live more than 17 years. It's a new information for me.

Feeling sorrow for the loss.
Connected with such kind if petty cat for a long time create a bond and it's hard to console when it left for forever.

I can imagine how much you'd miss your cat. I once had a dog when I was a kid, it was poisoned by hating neighbours for reasons unknown.

It exhibited symptoms of poisoning the previous day and by the time I got back from school the next day my parents said they found its body opposite our compound- dead! It was buried before I got back.

I didn't cry but I felt pained since nothing could fill that void of losing a favourite pet.

Feel hugged dear Kittygirl, it's so hard to let them go :-( faszinating they seem to know when their time comes and look for a place they love and feel save.
He had a wonderful green paradise living with you. Now he passes the rainbow bridge and the woman who rescued him once will care for him at the other side once again.
R.I.P. Gorgeous-Midnight

I am very sorry for your loss. Well, I think it can rest in peace now. I wish your feel is better soon.

The read became quite emotional, though, nice read. RIP Gorgeous, Rocket cat. By the way, do cats really have 9 afterlives as it is said from my place here in Nigeria?

What marvelous life he led! It's those guys with over the top personalities like Gorgeous Midnight that we will tell stories of for a long time. What an acrobat he was right up until the end, to be able to make his final journey up to the roof.
I'm so glad we have this wonderful community to leave tributes to those we have loved.

I think he knew the time was there to go over the rainbow. They do that and although it’s weird it’s maybe to have less greef not seeing the owner when they actually pass. It will be weird without I am sure. No talks and no sharing chicken salads, know that that two and a half years you were part of eachothers lives changed for the better and he is on the blockchain in many stories and in your hart forever. Maybe in the future there will be another gorgeous rescue who loves chicken cause with the love you have there will always be one fitting.
Thanks I love this blog and the fact that he got a place in the memorial forest

You will be missed Gorgeous - Midnight, but forever stay in your humans hearts. Your life story is engraved here because you have been loved so much and one far away day you will see them again at the other side of the rainbow 🧡
Rest In Peace



Awww it's so hard to lose our feline friends. They really do imprint themselves into our lives. What a beautiful tribute to him @thekittygirl

I love cats. This beauty looks tired🐾


Good morning, dear friend. Out on the porch, watering the flowers, before the heat of the day kicks in. I have an appointment at the doctor's office soon, so wanted to send this out before it got any later...

Taken with Samsung phone | Edited with LunaPic

I know this isn't a perfect photo... but the cat above is my better half's, sister's cat, "Shadow". This was taken back in 2012, and as you can "kind of" see, Shadow only had one eye. This did not, however, keep him from being quite the ornery little kitty. The whole point of this photo was to show his favorite place to hang out... the bird bath (go figure) and I took this photo before going to work one afternoon, to prove that Shadow liked to hang out here. No point to the story really. Just my way of talking about cats, and hopefully something to make you smile. I had so many cats growing up... all wild ones of course! They were all named "Fluffy" because... well, they were. But after many, many run-ins with their claws, I decided to become a dog person. Fast-forward... you know of my stepdaughter's cat "Gizmo". He didn't start paying attention to me until I was diagnosed with MS. So... cats know stuff.

But we that are animal lovers know... they aren't just "animals". They become like family... and make little spots in our hearts. So I send you lots of love, as well as condolences, and hope that the good times, as well as the bad. Can become memories for you... I better get off here... long drive ahead of me. Here's to Midnight/"Gorgeous" ... another dear one that has found a home at Hive Memorial Forest.


@tipu curate

Send You a real Big hug. I know how much it hurts to lose a cat friend, they become our children. They are part of us, they accompany us and give us their unconditional love.

My first pet died out of my carelessness. She was hit by me while I was reversing my car. I haven't forgiving myself since then.

Sorry to hear that. I know how it feels and I miss my cat and the dog too. Both are buried in my garden where I can see them.
Much !LUV

For he Rests In Peace...

We got a new arrival... do cats reincarnate??!


I know it's been a while, but sorry for your loss fur babies are amazing kids and very loving. I know the feeling as you know I lost one of my own last year and still miss him very much! :(

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I am really sorry for your cat. And it is really cute and nice looking and the way he climbs is just wow and the other thing is that which makes me happy that he died at his favourite place.

It is really a blessing if someone dies at his favourite place. But still it is a great loss for you, because you have spent your lot of time with that cat.

Have you any other siblings of that cat?

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That sucks. He was a very pretty cat. I am so sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry friend

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