Lightweight Travel Tip #3: Clothes as light as a string

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In this Lightweight Travel Tip we look at how a lightweight clothes line and a willingness to do a bit of laundry in the evening means you need very little clothing on even very long trips. I do mine in the hotel room basin.

Lightweight Travel Tips is a series of short videos where I showcase the lightweight travel philosophy by discussing specific situations. The individual tips are gateways to the lightweight travel mindset.

I can recall my first trip overseas with overweight suitcases full of things I never used. Even though I have larger baggage allowances than ever, I take less. Less luggage makes it easier to move around, and I'm less likely to lose an item because I have fewer items to track. It's easier to move through crowds and over imperfect ground.

Lightweight travel tips combine my experience in travel and the outdoors to examine what I carry and if I could do without it. I'm not an ultra-light backpacking gram weeny - my outdoors philosophy is more informed by bushcraft, where I learned to make the most out of whatever I carry while keeping necessities and local conditions in mind. So, lightweight travel is a mindset of efficiency - that each item must be helpful or it should be left behind.

At the core of my philosophy is:
Passport, Credit card, Phone - everything else is a solvable problem of a luxury item.

This isn't to say you shouldn't carry anything - decide what balances weight, size, convenience and luxury for yourself and where you're going! Figure out what is available where you're going - both free at your accommodation or what you can easily buy.

How do I start thinking through a pack list? First, learn about the trip: what about the weather when I am there? What activities do I expect to do? What can I obtain at the destination if I need it? What equipment must I take? These questions are the genesis of thinking through what to bring.

And the biggest tip: Start with a small bag. If you can't make your load-out fit, it's easier to get a larger bag rather than the other way around. People tend to think in terms of bag size: it's the airlines that make us weigh everything!

Do you have some lightweight travel tips of your own? Please share in the comments.

Until next time.

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It is not even easy to start carrying big loads up and down
It is better to keep it simple and just take things that are important

Yep. Even though I can carry big loads, why would I want to ;)

good tip, yes, every once saved is great.

Lightweight travel is good for vacation and short trips I think. I'm planning to become a digital nomad next year so I might bring a huge suitcase this time (with my whole life in it). And travel slow.

Heya! Wondering where you'd gotten too. You're a very experienced traveller yourself, so if anyone is going to make a good call, you would. Got tips to share?

Got tips to share?

Always bring a sleeping bag.

I remember that story. A mountain, a tent and no sleeping bag. Ah, the lessons we learn the hard way.

Good tip. It would really save a lot of space. It would be nice to find a good balance of the amount of clothes to bring as well.

Thanks. Yep. One change of clothes was enough for a two-week trip with daily laundry. That might change due to climate or if I have activities to attend such as a wedding.

Yay! 🤗
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