FungiFriday Summary #21

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Do you guys ever run out of mushrooms? :P
I would be repeating myself if I write again that I am amazed with the variety. But it is true!

How about making it a little harder? How about colour theme?


Yep, that would be the topic for the next week. Yellow mushroom :) It is of course not mandatory to participate in the extra challenge, but would be cool to see the flood of yellow :)

And now...
My favourite 8 shots from the 21st edition in no particular order.
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image.pngFungiFriday : Lollipops have
author: @opick
image.png"Fluted Bird's Nest" Was Found Near the Jim Jiem River
author: @akukamaruzzaman
image.pngFungiFriday - Some wood stem mushrooms (kulat bateung)
author: @alexa-macro
author: @flamego
image.pngFungiFriday: A Bunch of Little Whites
author: @abduhawab
author: @mirz
image.pngFungi Friday: Between Coral Reef and Puffball
author: @gamessteam
image.pngFungi Friday : Some Beautiful Mushrooms
author: @vikar

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Happy FungiFriday!

That's all for today.
See you all next Friday!

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Those Colors! fungi amazing!

hello dear friend @ewkaw good night
What a beautiful collection of mushrooms you have presented this week; Excellent weekly selection; my congratulations to all
We'll see what we can get for next week
Have a happy start of the week

Congratulations to the winners 🎉🥳
I had none left in my archive any more… still hoping that I find some on my walks out 😉

Yellow mushroom, sounds very interesting to participate next Friday. ahaha...

Terima kasih😘💕

Such beautiful mushrooms, selected friends who already have these beautiful mushrooms Good morning all of you. That's a very good shot.

Can all mushrooms be used for colking? They are beautiful like flowers . thxx

The variety in mushrooms blow my mind each time😵 Congrats to all authors and thanks for sharing the lovely pictures😇❤️