The Legend Of Paradise And Malice

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The Red Flower

A fire raged wildly were flowers once bloomed.
red flowers swayed fiercely spelling doom,
changing color from time to time;
sometimes yellow, sometimes blue with a dark inside,
they danced around spreading far and wide!
It was an intensely compelling sight,
that could send you into a trance and maybe evil delight!


A Dream
Long before the fire-flowers came, there were flowers of every hue,
a gardener had tended to this paradise with dedication and love so true.

With great passion he tilled the ground,
he enriched the soil to make a lush growing ground.
Copiously he watered it with sweat and love,
to make it the most beautiful garden somehow!


Fruits of love

Flowers smiled and danced in the sun,
with fragrances of sweetness and fun,
weighted branches proudly displayed,
fruits of love as in the wind they swayed!

Butterflies and damselflies,
bees and dragonflies
Nymphs and fairies few
all had made this their home too.
Exquisite beauty, grace and life
they added to this paradise!

Birds of the air in every color,
singing songs of love and desire
brought ecstasy to those who wandered there.


The garden soon became a fable and a legend,
arousing a deep desire in the hearts of those who heard;
stories of its allure and ravishing beauty,
a pining in their heart for their eyes to see.

Word spread far and wide of this little paradise on earth,
and songs were sung of its beauty, richness and worth.


Avarice and Malice

Avarice and malice increased in the hearts of men,
they longed to possess the beautiful garden.
Without any toil or pain
they wanted to make quick gain!

Evil plans were birthed in their hearts night and day,
to posses the garden there was no way.


They planned to set afire
the thing they couldn't get, but deeply desired.
Red flowers bloomed and consumed;
All flowers and trees to ashes were doomed!

The gardener now bent with sorrow and pain,
looked at his work all gone in vain.
Yet, never gave up and travailed again.

Gnashing teeth and seething anger ,
only meant evil and imminent danger.
What they could not have they would not let thrive
so they decided that the gardener should die!

The spirit of Cain who killed his brother,
possessed them until they committed murder!

Malice which drew blood and was now never satisfied
until another victim it identified.


It laughed like the howling wind in eerie screams
and wandered about the world seeking men with evil dreams.

Gone was the innocence of the soul
when malice entered it and made it foul.


It turned men against men
making them more evil than they have ever been.
Sowing avarice in their hearts for everything heard and seen!

Murders and thieves, plotters and planners of evil,
their language become one of lies and deceit the very voice of the devil.

Trust was lost and doubts and fears took its place,
the world became a trail of ungodly blaze.

Malice and darkness entered every soul,
the dark side of man, never easy to control!

All images used in this post belong to @sofs-su


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A long rhyming poem .....! 👏

Mmmmm. I am trying to understand if the initial story of garden and the gardener is a metaphor? To what? To the paradise the man was in initially?

The man went against of man because of jealousy. Jealousy, one way or the other, is the major cause of all the evils in the world. It not only destroys the other person but also burns all the goodness of the person who keeps it.

A metaphor, a story all rolled into one.
A simple story of malice told in free form poetry,
(I guess i was in a mood for it today)
Greed/avarice is the starting point of evil and it grows into malice
seeking to kill and destroy what it cannot have.
Malice is the evil behind which man tries to cleverly hide.
Thanks for stopping by @amberkashif

It's a metaphor, a short story, and a religious allusion all rolled into one poem. well done and good luck in the contest this week!

Thank you @samsmith1971, took me a few hours but I was happy st the end

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Excellent :) !!! Such a sad but true observation.

How did you get the fire picture to look that way?

Thank you..
Are you asking about the first image?
I didn't do anything to get the picture, I was just normally shooting the dying embers when one part flared up with the wind.
I love watching fires.. and taking pictures.

It came out very unique :) Check out the price of Dreem by the way!!! I'm off to get a screenshot!!!

Yeah I loved and wanted ti use it somewhere>
I'll do that right away. Thanks


woah.. is that some kind of glitch or something????

No I checked the records and someone bought seven cents of my sell order. I have a portion my tokens with an offering price of ten Hive per Dreem token. A real bargain ♥️

You sold dreem?

Less than a fourth of one coin, and it gave us a new all time high :) Honestly I never thought anyone would pay that 🤯

Hmm... miracles do happen.

What a beautifull poem <3, omg is worth the firts place, easy, no questions ask.

Thank you @jesustiano. Very kind of you to say so.
Have a great day.

beautiful poem !PIZZA

Thank you so much.