Me & The AI Making Synthwave Tunes

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2023 is the year of AI. It's everywhere from image generation to Chat GPT to deep fakes to audio fakes. Now comes music AI.

I discovered an AI music creation website the other day called It was so interesting it sucked me in and I spent about 3 hours playing around with it. The results were pretty mind blowing as I navigated it. Admittedly it did have limitations the further I dug in. Even so, the algorithm produced some very listenable tunes. All I had to do was set the note to tune the track to, set the tempo and choose from one of their many genres.

I started out with a genre I've been obsessed with for about 1 year now, Synthwave. This was a tune I worked out after about 30 tries. Have a listen.

As I listen to it I can hear parts I would change so I am going to download the midi file and remix it. I'd like to bring the strings up, add a better stab and just juice it up a bit. Still, pretty damn nice for an auto generated tune.

Here is a more uptempo synthwave tune that we(Me & the AI) made. I named it "100 to 2am". A reference to speeding to the peak hour for clubbing & DJing.

Tracks on Soundful are free to make. You get 1 download a month which includes the midi file. You can not use it for commercial use though. If you want to go that route it's $89.99 for a year which allows you to download 5 tracks a month and monetize them on Youtube, etc. I see this actually taking off once they expand their kits & formulas. If people aren't already, I can see them using the base of the track and swapping out instruments, layering over it, etc. as a kind of short cut. I'm contemplating subscribing and playing around with it for the next year. It really is fun.

Here is another one we made that I like. It's called Natsukashi which means nostalgic. That's the feeling I got when I first listened to it.

I'll close with a human composed synthwave tune that I love. I imagine flying through a galactic civilization or space station of a thousand planets like Valerian, dipping & dodging, marveling at all the sights.

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The tracks sound really good. I will have to have a go myself.