Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for June 9th

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Monochrom - Self-deception by @barski


I will repeat myself, but I like the mysterious look of these old and abandoned places... And if you do these photos in monochrome, it gives an even strong impression!

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Growth and Goals by @oblivioncubed


Well, I only see growth on all your charts that you have shared from your history and for the last month... So, all good :)
You are on track with your goals... and regarding time for engagement, that varies from day to day to myself... Find your minimum for that, and stick to it...
Good luck with your goals!

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Hive Open Mic | Week 113 | Mi pequeño (Original Song) by @minuetoacademy


This was so sweet song, and the message you shared with us is great. I hope we will always be able to see and feel things with a child's heart.

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Rising Star Game : Profiting Every Day by @cflclosers


With the new changes that were introduced related to the millionaires mission, fans become much more important. Actually, they have been important all the time because your income per mission is directly linked to the number of fans you have and the fans are indirectly linked via the ego to the amount of skill that you have.
The best way to progress in the game is to buy people's cards because they come with fans and with skills. Also I hope that you have some pizza slices so that you never run out of energy to play 🙂

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Today, I don't want to look at monochrome photos, I want to listen to a song about the inner child)

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Hehehehe... That's a nice song! :)

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Thanks for supporting my post! Greetings and blessings to all!

You are welcome! Keep on creating awesome posts and music!

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