Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for June 7th

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It's always good to be home // Place where i grow up ( Beautiful series of pictures) by @tommyl33


You have grown up in a beautiful place! Very often young people leave the countryside and change it to a busy, rush, city life... When we get older, we usually miss that peace and come back to find it in our childhood memories, or literally, go back to the countryside!

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"Buy the Dip" they say, But it's a Nay For Me by @ifarmgirl


I suppose that ANY accumulation method is a good one if you have strong beliefs in a project/token that you invest in... Look at Bitcoin, if you bought ANY dip from the past, you would be perfectly fine today... Or, if you DCA-in it, the same thing...
The thing with buying the dip, DCA, and all the rest becomes tricky when we are not sure about an investment, and try to speculate with the high-risk assets volatility and dreaming about get-rich-fast... :)

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NFT 101: Engagement, The Catalyst For Sales. (NFT For Newbies). by @teesart


Thanks for sharing these tips for NFT creators (and also for any HIVE creator)! In the end, we always come to the same conclusion... Appreciate your audience and ENGAGE with them... Treat them as you would treat yourself...

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Changes to the Starbits Millionaire Mission by @risingstargame


I like to see such changes implemented that favorise an organic way of playing and actually gives more value to the cards in the game. Let's get more fans!

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thanks for highlighting my post today.


You are welcome! Keep on creating great posts!

Many thanks for considering and including my post :) I've read two of them and now visiting the other :) Cheers!

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You are welcome! Thanks for creating great content and supporting others!

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Thanks, great curation. Some interesting posts there for me. 😊

Thanks for your continuous support!

Glad to be here. 🙂

The noise of motors, crowds of people on the street, a clear schedule of the day, and much more that I would like to be away from, in the rural outback, my choice for reading is obvious)

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As older as we get, we seek for more peace and calmness :)

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With age, we become a little wiser, a little slower and a little more reasonable), but young people may perceive our experience from a different point of view, as stupidity, slowness, and the like)

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