Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for June 24th

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Wandering - MONOMAD || ENG-ESP by @jlinaresp


Great collection of monochromatic photos! All are great, but the child on the bicycle with the bag is the best!
Thanks for sharing!

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Fear the shadows of Dhampir Infiltrator by @jpleron


This is indeed a pretty powerful card. Imagine the combo with Daria Dragonscale as summoner, combined with white and there you play Silvershield assasin, Silvershield knight and Evangelist that come both with the inspire ability. In one round you can eliminate a big part of the enemy's line up 🙂

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Bear Market Veteran & StableCoins Hit All Time Highs by @readthisplease


I have survived the bear market that you have mentioned, but I hope that I will get my title of a "veteran" after this one... :) Still learning, changing approach in every next bear market is the key...
I wouldn't say that those stablecoins on exchanges are from paperhands as they have already withdrawn and probably left...
I bet those funds are deposited from big whales that are waiting to deploy into crypto in the next weeks/months... According to numbers, if they do that, we will see a huge spike in a short timeframe...

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The Potential Impact of Hive on Our Lives by @empress-eremmy


I saw somewhere a chart about how people from different countries VALUE cryptocurrencies, not just HIVE or Bitcoin, but all of them... And the big surprise was to see countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, and Turkey at the top of the list... People from those countries KNOW the real VALUE of crypto and how it can change their lives when there is huge inflation and no trust in fiat currencies!
Western countries are more about speculations on the price without getting the "big picture", but it will come...

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