Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for June 23th

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Amazing photos! That grasshopper was a great model for photography!
Good luck with the search for new "models"!

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The city of overhead wires | My Wednesday Walk story. by @rem-steem


Wow! That's a crazy amount of cables over people's heads! If nothing changes regarding that, you will not see the sun at all because of those wires!? Btw, why do they keep those cables rolled? Isn't more efficient to keep it shorter (better signal, fewer losses)?
Anyways, the best solution is to go underground, but that depends from city to city... Maybe it's not possible to do it in Dhaka?

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Understanding the forces present in the markets by @piensocrates


I think that the main rule is always the same... Do not jump into the whale's mouth and feed them! As a matter of fact, follow their steps and feed at the same time as them!

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Using Polyphasic Sleep to Maximise Earnings on Rising Star by @mypathtofire


If you can't sleep because of Risingstar, you need to change your strategy ;-). Hope you will get soon enough level to do the local gig circuit where you can actually sleep longer lol

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Thank you guys for your support! !CTP

You are welcome! Keep those great posts coming!

Wow, thanks for mention my post and for your support. Greetings!

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