Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for June 21th

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Writing: A Habit I Cultivated In Dark Moments And What It Means To Me by @didiee


I find writing a form of therapy... It helps me to express my opinions, but also to sort my thoughts...
Happy to see that you overcome your writing "fears"!

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WHAT I DO OUTSIDE HIVE LIFE || Ladies of Hive Community Contest #88 by @nkemakonam89


It looks like you had a full day without any breaks! Busy online and busy offline :)
Thanks for sharing your "outside HIVE" activities!

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Crypto & BlockChain Technology is Too Big to Fail Long-Term by @samostically


You are right that crypto and blockchain have grown so much that they can't be stopped! And not just price-wise and with "locked" money inside it, but with all technological developments in different blockchain, securities, etc...

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Will it be worthwhile to Play the STARBITS Millionaire Mission after June 27, 2022? - 5 case studies! (ENG/ITA) by @libertycrypto27


Great analysis as usual :-). I have been buying packs with 90% of my Starbits so I'm doing quite well fan wise. Also the more fans you have, the more income you get per mission.

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You are welcome! Thanks for creating awesome gaming content!

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