Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for June 15th

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Understanding The Game Means Winning by @malopie


Like it was said numerous times, the bear markets are the best times for accumulation and building... Not just in crypto, but in all other industries and, like you said, those that KNOW that will thrive in the future when "better times" come...

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Crypto Twitter influencers and FUD news about Microstrategy's Margin Call and him getting Liquidated by @onwugbenuvictor


There is no way that a smart and educated person like Michael Saylor would sell some BTC at these prices (or even those at 3-4K)... He will rather sell his mother than do that... lol...
And crypto Twitter is ridiculous... Everyone is smart today, and everyone is shitting all over every cryptocurrency at the moment... Just a few months ago the same people were shilling LUNA, UST, HEX, and other high-risk shitcoins...

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Celsius Network Threat at $14K to Liquidate 24,000 BTC! by @idiosyncratic1


I'm always on the side of the "small guy", and I really don't like to see ANY participant in crypto having a monopoly over a certain "niche"... Unfortunately, many people are looking for a "savior" and usually, 90% of people just follow into the shiniest thing out there... In that way, they are creating a monopoly! That's drawing a target on the back and that leads to events like this...
I hope that Celsius will survive in this one, but I hope that many people will leave them and find other (different) solutions to invest... The more is crypto market diversified, it's more stable in general!

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I decide to play in Gold League after the new reward system, my opinion (ENG-SPA) by @javivisan


The new reward system has definitely brought a lot of fresh air into the game. Skill has become more important and I probably never played as much as this season 🙂

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